Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SpaceBar Love

I'm in to loving things this month-blackboards first, then my new camera and now this: a keyboard.
Yup. We're getting  a new one. Thanks be to God and Hewlett Packard.
Hubby took it to the repair store cause the space bar went caput. Mr. Techno-Repair person proclaimed it plum worn-out. So, we're getting  a new one and more memory (serious Praise and Rejoicing- can you hear the alleluia chorus??).
I'll be taking a board break for a few days but hope to be back in time for a Weekly Wrap-up.

KB's phone was replaced today, too. Apparently, it didn't appreciate the cup of coffee that she introduced it to.

Love the gadgets. Really. Which are your favorites?


Elizabeth said...

Reading you on my Nook!
Gotta love the tech stuff : )

Unknown said...

my ipad and my wireless mouse. Also love my iphone and my imac.