Sunday, March 27, 2011

That's Love, Baby!

Because I am a generous person I share my things with my children. Even the stuff I really like:
My bed, which is huge and fluffy and vundabah and, according to my husband, really only made for 2.
My tea, rooibus and black, which has become an important part of my life now that coffee isn't (still sniffling over that one).
My amazing Shea butter concoction that comes in a gourd and is artistic and super moisturizing and is supplied by my thoughtful oldest, imported from Africa, via KY.
My camera. I've been taking pictures since I was 8. My grandpa gave my sister and I two old cameras that year (from the 50's) and I became a picture taking fool. My very first large purchase was a camera, bought with money earned life-guarding at the age of 15. I've been shooting stuff for a long time.

Because I love my children they live through situations that jeopardize the stuff I really like. For instance, hypothetically of course, say my camera, for instance, is dropped, lens open, on the concrete and killed outright. I  just smile at them, I mean, I would, if this happened in real life, and tell them that accidents happen and it's o.k. and it's no big deal that the Kodak moments of our life will no longer be permanently recorded on film (or memory card).
And, 'cause my husband loves me, both hypothetically and in real life, he buys me a brand new one (camera, not kid). The circle of life love. It's a beautiful thing, yes?

Introducing my new toy tool.
I am, once again, a picure taking fool, capturing Kodak moments, both real and imagined.

A Blessed Sabbath!


servingHimblind said...

Um... so that whole sharing thing... yeah I want that camera. ;-) Am currently a dark shade of green. Don't worry, it'll lighten up in a few hours to more of a lime color.

LaughingLioness said...

So...why are you green? It's not easy, you know!