Monday, June 9, 2014

We Choose Virtues- TOS Review

We Choose Virtues 
is a company that grew out of a love for children, and a desire to help them see their personal potential.

We recently had the opportunity to review the 
Youth Virtue Journal (Physical Journal
along with
Mentor Handbook (PDF download)
Mentor Meeting Report Form (PDF Download)
Youth Character Assessments (PDF Download)
Youth List of Memory Verses and Bible Heroes (PDF Download)

The Youth Virtue Journal is a colorful, engaging handbook sized journal. 

The Youth Virtue Journal includes 2 sections: 
Section 1 
1. I am Attentive
2. I am Content
3. I am Forgiving
4. I am Gentle
5. I am Helpful
6. I am Honest
7. I am Obedient
8. I am Perseverant
9. I am Respectful

Section 2- My Dream Journal
The two sections are meant to be done in conjunction with each other. For instance, the first chapter in the Virtue section is on Attentiveness. After the student rates themselves on their inclination towards attentiveness, they go to their Dream Journal, write down a dream and reflect on how the virtue of attentiveness will allow them to achieve their dream.

This small journal is meant to be done with a mentor, with someone who is engaged and willing to discuss and guide the student. My son was very enthusiastic about completing the journal, but had a difficult time coming up with with future dreams and goals on his own.  I don't think this is highly unusual for kids just coming out of Jr. High, so be sure and read ahead and plan for leading questions and making suggestions for the kids as they work through this journal, or checking the suggestions in the Mentor Handbook.  
This program was originally created to be used with kids who were in the Idaho Court System. This explains the Meeting Report Form and Youth Character Assessments.  For home use, we did not find these products applicable. The memory verses and Bible Hero's portion are good if you don't have another system for Biblical study. Cub has a fairly rigorous Bible study program going anyway, so this portion was a moot point for us. 

That being said, we did enjoy going through the booklet together. The virtues listed are solid, Biblical principals, along with excellent virtues concerned citizens and mature adults posses. Having a young teenager review them deliberately and think though them consciously is no bad thing. Cub enjoyed the personal attention and reflection required and took the journal very seriously, spending time in reflection and conscientious journaling. Love that. 

The physical Journal, along with the Mentor Handbook, Meeting Report Form, Youth Character Assessments. Memory Verses and Bible Hero's, all in PDF format, is available for $17.

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Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

Thank you for a good review! I love that he took to writing in the journal! And I agree--learning these virtues are always worthwhile!