Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Play's the Thing; All Month Long

It's Drama Camp week month 'round here. Our dishwasher repair man (whom we see so often, we are on a first name basis with), who also has teens, demanded to know WHY on earth we would encourage drama in our adolescents. Let's just say it's going to happen anyway, so we channel it, right?! Of course right!

So, Cub is deep into Joeseph and the Coat. Sing, sing, sing. It's all GREAT. I am so thrilled that Julie (the amazing, talented Momma who puts this all together every year) had the chutzpah to tackle something of this magnitude. This has included musicians, directors, choreography, costumers and more. Woot! So, they've been practicing the music for a month and this past week stepped it up to start working on blocking. Then, this coming week, they are going to practice 4 hours a day until Friday, when the grand pombah-performance will be.

In other news, the littlers will be starting drama camp THIS week, with 3 hrs of practice, 4 days, and the performance on the 4th evening. It's always a blast, the kids LOVE it, are so motivated, and look forward to it all year long. I'm directing Flowers group. It's a mixed up fairy tale, and the kiddos already have their lines memorized.

A week later, the high schoolers all convene up north for a week. And I mean a LONG week, of 6 days of 6 hour practices, culminating in a 2 hour performance of Shakespeare in the Park. This year they are serving up A Midsummer's Night Dream and Cub is Puck. He is at that awkward clumping stage in life, so I'm not sure how sprightly he'll be, but he is thrilled with the part!

And the cool thing is, it's all generally affordable because everyone pitches in and helps as much as possible and appreciates the privilege of It's great to live around so many talented people who share their abilities and enrich all of our lives.

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