Saturday, June 7, 2014

Learning Palette Online

is a company that has been around for a while. Developed by a 4th grade teacher to teach multiplication facts, her concept met with such great success that soon her principal was asking her to make Wrap-ups for other teachers in her school. This lead to working with a company that created the Wrap-ups that are known and well-used today. 

Flower had the opportunity to reveiw the On-line
which is a clever on-line version of the hand-held Wrap-up. This is a colorful, on-line game, consisting of either reading or math. Flower is way beyond the reading, so we focused on math. You have the ability to choose the grade and  the skill set/ game that you will play. The following You-Tube video will give you a great idea of how it all works:

These are ideal for grades K-5th. Flower just finished 5th grade according to her age but is a couple of years ahead in math. She loved the theory of the program, but was way beyond the concepts being taught, though she still thought the program was fun to do and enjoyed it. They do an excellent job of re-inforcing K-5th grade math concepts in a way that engages kinesthetic and visual learners. This is not passive learning, but active, engaged learning, that takes just minutes a day and will give your kids a step up in the mastery of math skills, as they are having fun. My only fault is that they did not include "Challenge" exercises or something beyond your basic 5th grade concepts.

This would be a terrific investment for a family that struggles with K-5th grade math concepts, has several children, or are kinesthetic/ visual learners. Learning Wrap ups  re-inforces necessary math concepts in a way that is engaging and fun. 

A subscription to currently costs $25 per year for a single user or $60 per year for up to 5 users in a family. T
he price for would be $59.99 for up to 5 users.  Additionally we are offering a 20% discount when using the coupon code of HOMESCHOOL.
You can find Learning Wrap ups
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