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Roman Road Media- The Greeks- Review

I have the wonderful privilege of introducing you to the best curriculum finds of the year-
Video Curriculum/ Classical Education/ Christian Perspective

 Roman Roads Media is a company recently created by brothers Daniel and David Foucachon, classically educated homeschool graduates who have the desire to bring quality classical education home. They have re-released some old favorites (see my review of the recently updated Grammar of Poetry here) and have been busy producing curriculum what will, undoubtedly, be our, and your, new favorites.

My kids and I had the recent pleasure of reviewing Old Western Culture Year One: The Greeks. This was, hands down, our favorite curriculum of the year, in a year of stellar curriculum.
The Greeks - Old Western Culture

Unit : The Epics- The Poems of Homer
Unit 2: Drama and Lyric- The Tragedies, Comedies and Minor Poems
Unit 3: The Histories: Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon
Unit 4: The Philosophers- Aristotle and Plato

We received all four DVD's for Year 1 and the accompanying workbooks and answer keys. Each DVD contains 12 lectures, totaling 4-6 hours of teaching time each with additional assigned reading, and Study Guide assignments and recommendations, including a Term Paper, down loadable exams and additional resources available on-line. The DVD's are professional quality. The study guides are comb bound with glossy covers. The web-site is user friendly and easy to navigate. 

The recommended age range is high school and the material covers 2 full high school credits: both Literature and Social Studies. In addition, there are over 100 works of art noted in each unit, which could be easily worked into 1/4 or 1/2 credit of Humanities or Art History. 

My kids were both younger than the recommended age range when they watched these- (5th and 8th graders, respectively). They, however, LOVED the material and couldn't get enough of it. They did read some of the literature, but not all, as some of the content is quite mature. They have been exposed to quite a bit of the literature and history in these lessons so had some basic familiarity. They were fascinated by the maps, often paused the DVD's to discuss new information and were occasionally appalled by the art. That being said, some mornings they would wake up and beg to watch these DVD's while eating breakfast. Wes Callihan is a master story teller and if you think Ancient History is dry and boring, then you haven't heard him teach it yet!

What's to love about this course and these products? Everything!
Quality video production.
World class teaching by classical educator Wesley Callihan of Schola Classical Tutorials and Hill Abbey
Demanding, challenging, mesmerizing content that will leave your student, no matter how steeped in history and classical studies, begging for more.

If you are not familiar with Wes Callihan, take a minute and watch the video above. He knows this stuff, forward and backward, makes fantastic connections, explains in a way that is simple, but never simplistic, makes difficult books and concepts accessible and is a world class story-teller. Seriously, my kids loved listening to Mr. Callihan and I actually had to put time limits on how long they could watch a DVD at a time. If it had been up to them, they would have watched the entire program in one long marathon session! This is not just for those who are interested in classical education. This is for anyone interested in great history, literature or why we are who we are today.
Old Western Culture | 4 year overview

The Greeks are Year 1 in a Four Year program which will include

If you are not sure if Old Western Culture is for year, take it for a test drive here. Preview full lessons, the workbooks, exams and much more.
There are many ways to purchase this course: as individual DVD's, with on-line streaming, or as a packaged set. The set that we reviewed includes all 4 DVD's and student guides for $224, however there are web-specials. 

In addition, Roman Roads Media is producing quality curriculum in the areas of Logic, Latin, Economics, American History, Music and More. This program is excellent for home use, would be a wonderful co-op or Academic class day course, for use in private schools, or simply to ramp up your own education. This will be a company that we do business with for a long time to come.

From video quality to content, this program was of the highest quality. Highly recommended! 

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Disclaimer: I received these books in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expresses are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing in accordance with the FTC regulations.  

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