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Veritas Press Self Paced Ominbus- TOS Review

has been a leader in the classical homeschooling movement for years. We have used their Omnibus program in the past and the Veritas Press  History and Bible Cards are de riguer 'round here.

In addition, we have out-sourced course work for several years- through private tutoring, Academic Class Days, on-line courses and programs. We love homeschooling, and appreciate the excellent and growing body of resources available. That being said we were eager to check out the Self-Paced Onmibus I  program by Veritas Press.

Omnibus means "all encompassing" and this program can be used as 1 full credit of English (Ancient World) or, with the addition of the secondary reading, 3 full credits in English, History (Ancient World) and Religion (Doctrine and Theology). The history covered goes from Creation through the fall of Rome.

Each lesson of the course features a video presentation by Instructor, Bruce Etter. In addition, you will hear from many experts throughout this course. There are activities and quizzes as well making this a rich and engaging program. At the end of each lesson there is a quiz, which the program tracks.

Not only will the student utilize the exemplary video program, but they will read, quite a bit actually; we covered Genesis, Exodus, the Epic of Gilgamesh during the course of the review. Topics such as sex and violence are addressed. This program was developed for 7th graders and up, and it does include an advisory for parents. That being said, you are going to want to be in communication with your student as they work through this program. High school is when homeschooling really shines, as the possibilities of exemplary conversations with your student are totally possible. This is just the program to ignite such conversations.

This program consists of "Sessions"
Session 1- Prelude- gives an overall study of the topics
Session II & III - analysis and discussion
Section IV- Recitation
Session V- Evaluation - review questions to spur the student to think deeply.
Daily "class time" will consist of the on-line segment, discussions and readings.

This program is called "self-paced" because you can go as fast or as slow as you would like. Cub has had two huge back to back theatrical productions in the past several weeks, so he doubled up when he was around and paused when he wasn't. The program does all of the teaching and grading. This is an academic program, that will challenge the student, regardless of how much history they have had. Despite the extensive history that Cub has studied, he was continually challenged throughout this program.  In addition, your student will be exposed to quality classical literature- if this is part of your plan for high school, this is an excellent program to introduce them to it with!

Omnibus, like all of the Veritas Press products, are taught from a Protestant Reformed perspective. This is not our faith tradition. As we are quite comfortable exposing our kids to many Christian traditions, this isn't a problem for us, we just keep the dialog open and talk about questions and areas of concerns. More importantly, this program is taught from a decidedly Biblical perspective.

Again, like all of the Veritas Press products we have used in the past, this product is of the most excellent quality; the teaching and delivery system were top notch, the content exceptional and challenging.

Try before you buy:  Omnibus 1 Primary sample page.
Age Level:  7th through 9th grades Price: $295 for 1-year access

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