Monday, October 7, 2013

Homemaker's Mentor -Review & Give-Away

Are you a chore challenged, dinner disabled or a helpless home-maker? If so, I have just the thing for you!
"The true economy of housekeeping is simply the art of gathering up all the fragments (fragments of time as well as materials) so that nothing be lost."
So sums up what you will find in this extensive collection of home-making helps, tips, recipes, tutorials and encouragement as you endeavor to create a home. Basically, you will learn how to gather up fragments and be inspired to create a home of loveliness. This CD puts hands and feet to Edith Schaeffer's excellent, "The Hidden Art of Homemaking."
The files are in PDF format on a CD that holds an impressive list of files dedicated to teaching you the fine art of home-making; cooking, cleaning and all manner of home-craft. Each chapter is divided into smaller sections. For instance, "Amazing Simple Recipes" has 16 files, each with 1 to several pages devoted to that file topic. There are amazing pictures to go along with tutorials, pleasing graphics and lots of pages devoted to helping you manage living a life of domestic bliss. All told you'll receive 110 homemaking lessons, tutorials, recipes, forms and ebooks.
You will find information on house-keeping, record keeping, food preparation, gardening, cooking and baking, first aid, hospitality and more. There is a lot in here! But that's to be expected from the authors, Martha Greene and Rebekah Wilson, both long time home-makers, teachers and authors, dedicated to the hidden art of homemaking.
In addition you'll receive the complete "Sugar and Spice" collection- unit studies on five popular spices,  (we gave several of these away as door-prizes at our annual Home school Mom's retreat and having seen them up close and personal I can attest to the fact that they are sweet indeed!)
Also included is an old-time home journal for you to record and reminisce about your home-making adventures; creating a beautiful keep-sake to pass along to your children and grand-children.

Bean-barley soup (with some extras thrown in- like Kale)
One of the sections I was most interested in reading in the HHM was the one on Beans. Don't laugh. We have a weird diet with lots of "No's" - no gluten, dairy, corn, soy, tomatoes. Plus, everyone does some sort of work-out, which leads folks to true blue hunger. Try filling up teen guys or men who jog 20-ish miles a week on seeds and nuts. Hence, our new enamorement with beans. I cook with them a lot- usually adding them to a morning mix of eggs and some type of grain (couscous, barley, quinoa). I learned quit a bit about beans, having the opportunity to share bean enzyme knowledge with a co-worker just yesterday who claimed that she couldn't eat them due to, you guessed it, gas.

Our "Thankful tree" from the HMM section on "A Thankful Home."
Since our house fire, almost 4 years ago, we've been living in construction central. (It's hard to believe it's taken so long to re-group, but another homeschooling gal whose family went through a house fire told me it took them a full 5 years to get back to "normal." Pshew. We're still in the zone). All of that to say, we don't have curtains up. Up until this summer, we didn't have our windows trimmed in the bedrooms. Things like "Detailing the Master Bedroom" (one of the chapters in HHM) seem a little odd to me right now. But it did get me thinking about ways to add homey and comforting touches to our place, despite the on-going construction. This CD really helps you focus on ways to make your home, well, homey.
And couldn't we all use a lot more of that in a world that isn't?

I've read through most of the files on the The Homemakers Mentor in the past couple of weeks and learned something, was convicted or inspired or left with food for thought every.single. time. And, by the way, I've done some detailing on my master bedroom, even if I don't have curtains (or rods) in there yet. The kitchen is next, my friends.
This CD is appropriate for folks everywhere who want to hone their home-making skills, or even for those who don't yet have any. A fantastic unit study program for homeschoolers of both genders, of all ages, and for those seeking to learn new or re-fine skills in specific areas.

Don't forget to sign up for the huge Amazing Give-Away! going on in conjunction with this launch.
I have 2 Copies of the Homemaker's Mentor to give away to 2 amazing Golden Grasses Readers.
Just "Friend" GG through Networked blogs, google, or email and leave a comment that you did, or are a friend already, sharing what your greatest home-making challenge is. Winners will be drawn on October 22 and notified on October 24.

Me first. Dusting; 'Nuff said.
Where can you find this awesome collection? I'm glad you asked.
Through your friends (and mine): The Homemaker's Mentor.
The price will be $37 w/ free shipping (reg $47) until Oct 18th.

Check out more reviews by bloggers around the globe at Amy's amazing Bow of Bronze.

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Anonymous said...

FYI, if you are truly gluten free, barely contains gluten.

Michelle said...

Sticking to a schedule! said...

Dear Anonymous, Thanks for letting me know, but this makes me very sad because the soup was GREAT!!

Amy B said...

Well I'm not entering the giveaway, since I already have a copy... but my greatest homemaking challenge is just diligence. All around diligence.

SharonUF said...

I signed up by email. My biggest challenge is keeping up with everything and then getting overwhelmed.

Jen said...

I am now a follower. Which surprised me because I thought I was already. Haha

My greatest challenge with homemaking is to allow my children to help me. I know this sounds funny to some. I tend to be a perfectionist and want things done my way. I'm trying very hard to overcome this!

This would be a great resource for me!! said...

Diligence, letting go of perfectionism, sticking to a schedule, getting overwhelmed. Ya'll are reading my mind, aren't you. Those all probably come right after "dustin" on my list!!

Anonymous said...

I started following...but thought I already was. Not wasting time is my biggest downfall! When I'm done homeschooling, I'd rather spend time on the internet with adult things than do the humdrum aspects of homemaking!! I just put Edith Schaeffer's book on my amazon wishlist. I've heard of it before but not read it!

Jennifer said...

I told you I would try to get around to this :)! My greatest challenge, aside from writing grocery lists, is letting things go. I get so upset when things aren't clean or orderly and forget to enjoy the kids and the memories we can make.

A Learning Journey said...

I also thought I was already a follower. I am following via GFC. My greatest challenge is home management, consistency with schedules, crafting (sewing), and forgetting about messes while kids are in the kitchen. Thank you for the opportunity to win this outstanding resource that would be used quite often in my home.

Stephanie - Couponing Momma said...

Followed by email