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God's World News:Trak- TOS Review

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God's World News has been around for a while. We've subscribed years ago and really enjoyed it, but it had fallen off my scope. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review it again. We recieved a full year subscription to Trak (High School)
And wow! Check out all of the great age-appropriate magazines they now offer- pre-K through high school!

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I requested and we received Trak- the magazine for high schoolers, even though we currently have post- high school and Jr. Highers on board. My kids are, if nothing else, readers, and they did just fine with Trak.  Cub was always the first one to grab the magazine, reading it cover to cover. Flower meandered through it and Feeche ninja-read, bringing up fun facts to know and tell at odd and opportune moments. You could easily assign reading from God's World News, but it's engaging and colorful enough that if you have readers in your house, it's not truly necessary.

This past year we were gifted with an international economics magazine. Very informative, but highly depressing and distressing to both of my teens, on the affairs of the world. Cub's frequent comment about Trak and World Magazine is that "These magazines are like the Christian E." In other words, highly informative, challenging and thought provoking, but sans the lack of faith and despair. Winning combo, 'round here!
Each month you can expect to find:

In-depth feature stories convey high-visibility developments in a teen-friendly style.
Editorials stimulate critical thinking skills.
Economics, technology, and other must-know subjects are translated through relevant, interesting stories.
Info Graphics illustrate and convey important news concepts.
Safe coverage of cultural events and personalities exposes students to appropriate, yet timely trends and events.
Student website access at keeps high schoolers in the know about important news stories.
Will you agree with everything that you read in God's World? Probably not. But you will be introduced to others thoughts and opinions in ways that are respectful and thought-provoking. Good journalism; remember that?


In addition, you will receive access to an on-line forum. You could get lost in here for hours! High-school tabs include SciTech, Must-Know, Beliefs, Fun Stuff, Live Culture and Arts; this includes current events, biographies, political cartoons, and much, much more -all from a Christian World-View.  I'm requiring GWN web-site perusal for specified times throughout the week, just because we've been crazy busy and I don' want to over-look this amazing resource. While I'm being intentional about the amount of time they spend on the web-content, I'm relying on my kids interests to guide them.

One full color magazine plus one web-site chock-full of history, news, cutlure, art, comics and apoloetics for one reasonable price. Does it get any better than this? For news and information hounds who want to understand the issues and are committed to a Christian faith, my answer is, unequivocally, no!

When you subscribe you will receive:
  • Full-year subscriptions includes 10 big, full-color, monthly issues (every month except December & May).
  • School-year subscriptions include seven monthly issues (September - April).
  • 32 pages per issue, filled with age-appropriate news and features.
  • No charge for regular shipping and handling! (1st class delivery available at additional charge.)
  • Lessons and Resources
Click HERE for a Sample for more samples; listen to the radio program or catch a video. There is a whole lot here, for one low subscription price, which is $28 a year for Trak. God's World News also offers school and group subscriptions.
This would be a great resource to use for a home or co-op current events or apologetics class, as an add-in or just one of those great resources that you have in your home that creates a life-style of learning.  This is a great educatinal tool for those who do frequent car-schooling or with both parents working.
If you buy one magazine this year for homeschooling, make it a God's World News Subscription. Worth every penny.
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Unknown said...

We are World subscribers, and we love it! The exciting part is that now you can be a "member," so any World subscriber can get GWN for free for their kids, and vice-versa. The hangup for me in the past had been the price, when we were already subscribing to the adult version, but now that's all included for members!