Friday, October 25, 2013

Ahoy There, Matie!

School hit the basics: Math, Science, Grammar, Reading, plus on-line love: IXL, Vocabulary/ Spelling City, Marine Biology, Rosie's Patterns, Stories of the Pilgrims on MP3 and a bit more.
Lego building is de riguer. I mean, we have kids, right?!
This week's reviews: Bridgeway Academy, God's World News, Diary of a Real Payne: Book 1, True Story.

Speaking of which, have you considered becoming part of the Crew?  

I spent my childhood and 3 yrs as an adult in "Tempramental and Uninhibited,"  (Ohio, Connecticut) the next 14 yrs in "Relaxed and Creative" (California, New Mexico) and the past decade +  couple miscellaneous years in "Friendly and Conventional." (South Dakota, Indiana). Oy vey; I'm state conflicted. Where are you from?

partial view of armor, pre-silver spray paint.
Cub is my self-directed project man. In the past several months he has constructed a wear-able suit of armor, complete with helmet, out of cardboard, duct tape and pipe cleaners, made and launched a rocket with Dr. Dh's help, and created a 19 minute stop action film. Meanwhile, Flower has been painting pumpkins.

It was a great apple year 'round here. We picked some more this week, thanks to a friend of a friend. Gorgeous red on the outside and crisp white on the inside, clear skies and just enough chill to warrant  a jacket and hat.
Trooper Truth
In a strange twist,  just because I have a whole Pinterest Board devoted to SW humor, some folks think I am a Star Wars fan. Au contrair. I just love the funny side of the force.
Co-op Cuties!
Yes, we are still drawing maps in co-op, thanks to Mapping the World by Art; this week was the Iberian Peninsula and France. We took time out to paint mini-pumpkins, provided by our chiropractor's office. Just another reason to love them!
Went to see Gravity with Feeche. Stunning visuals, great performances, riveting story, redemptive.
Coming soon to a theater near you, Ender's Game and the Book Thief. The literary lover in me is gonna have to see what they make of those two!

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Tonia said...

Getting the basics in counts as a good week in my book!

I'm excited about Ender's Game as well. Haven't read the Book Thief yet - is it good?

rednanasteph's place said...

The map of the US was interesting. Except for Texas, it seems to be fairly regional. Another interesting point is that I come from Maine and live in Texas and they are essentially the same temperament. How funny that is.