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Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story.- TOS Review

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We recently had the opportunity to review a terrific book by
Barbour Publishing titled Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story by Annie Tipton.
Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story
This is a book about Emma Jean, more commonly known as "E.J.". EJ is a 10 year old "with not wavy, not straight, not brown,not blond hair." Her hair is a self described tragedy. Given how her Mom manages her bangs, we'd have to agree! As a girl with a tragic bang childhood, due to a snip-loving Mom, I could relate to good old EJ. You will too!
Not only is EJ good for a laugh but she has has a fun and loving family;  
Her Mom, whose hair is so thick that she can hide things in it- crazy random things like pipe-cleaners. She's a teacher, by the way.
The Dad has a gift for making a boring day become a fun one- he can pull games out of nothing (oh, I wish I had that gift!) and he's a pastor by profession. Once their family was in a long line at a supermarket and the Dad made a game out of  how much candy was in the candy jars, cajoling the other adults in the line to join in the game!
The little brother is annoying, loves dinosaurs and, sadly, named EJ's dog, "T-Rex."
Bart is EJ's dog and loves to play with EJ. Why is "Bart" Bart and not T-Rex? Because EJ added a few names for good measure. Bart is totally lovable and will convince your kids that they need a dog!
Each chapter includes a memorable EJ day-dream. She day-dreams about what life will be when she leaves SmallTown America and lives out her big dreams: like flying the President around in a helicopter, becoming a stewardess or an astronaut, a or  a dolphin trainer.
Throughout the actual story are excerpts from EJ's diary. A winsome touch that allows your kids the opportunity to read a book that goes back and forth between first and third person narrative. The pictures, too, are delightful and child-like without being cheesy or sloppy.
Flower loved this book and carried it around with her faithfully until she had finished it! Cub and I peeked at it and read it on the sly. My impression- Delightful! Good clean, literary fun with a few good teaching points thrown in . Flower (age 10) loved this book, was disappointed when it was over and added the second in the series, Church Camp Chaos, coming out in March 2014, to her list of books to get! She says,  "I think girls should get it!" Cub's impression (age 13) was that this was a well written and fun book, though it's not something he'd pick up on his own.
Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story is recommended for ages 8-12. It is a 192-page glossy paperback, available from Barbour Publishing. It is currently on sale for $4.49, with a regular price of $5.99. You may order it here.. - See more at:
Barbour Publishing
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