Thursday, October 17, 2013

7 Things to Do 2 Stay Motivated 2 Homeschool

It's been one of those falls. We barely got the summer list done (o.k., we didn't) and then fall hit (didn't it know I wasn't ready for it yet?!) along with a  new schedule that includes too many things for me to do (sans kids) and not enough plan time. This is a jump in feet first type of year with lots of loose ends. We haven't found a sweet spot, happy place or much organization yet, but we are still getting things done.

1- Back 2 Basics  Basics for us include math, writing and lots of stuff the kids can read on their own; science, history, lit.

2- Tools of the Trade  CD's, apps, DVD's, on-line programs. There are tons of free sites and many worth investing in. We use as many as we can get our hands on, and often; on-line German and French, IXL, Time 4 Learning, Spellwell, Great Courses, books on tape.

3- Story Time  Vocabulary, literature, history and more. We take turns reading. We use books on tape. We narrate and discuss; ask questions, look up vocab words and places on the map.

4- Play Time  A friend of ours bought gears for his legos, in turn got into circuitry and then designed a computer program around the gears and the circuitry. He is now considering a career in computer design. Great toys are worth their weight in gold.

5- The Big Outdoors Green therapy; fresh air, throw in a nature journal or an inquisitive mind and you have a winning combo.

6- Get Creative Pinterest has ideas on everything from acorn squash to zebras, with instructions or ideas about it all. Find something crazy fun to do and have at it.

7- Laugh My youngers and I have a "May the Force be With You" and "Things That Make Me Laugh" boards on Pinterest which are always good for a smile; we read comics, tell each other jokes, share funny things, look for funny things to share. Is humor educational? I'm sure I could come up with an apologetic for that, but regardless, humor bridges gaps, fills in sorrow and worry, sparks creativity and causes your brain to work in ways it otherwise wouldn't.

How do you stay motivated to homeschool?

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Tonia said...

Good list! I find when motivation is lacking if I can just get us through the basics then I feel like we've accomplished something.

annette @ A Net In Time said...

indeed, all those things help. :)