Sunday, November 25, 2012

The 12 Hour Tour

KB, Feeche and I drove almost 1/2 way to Ohio (6 hours 1 way) and Grandma and Grandpa drove a bit father (8 hours 1 way) to rendezvous. The point of the trip is to get KB to KY for a new adventure.
As always, we had a ton of fun road tripping- lots of coffee, laughs and, personality disorders discussion (it's our way) and political/historical discussion (you can't really discuss despots effectively without a run-down of PD's, right?). It's nice having a history nerd with us (Feeche) even when Dr. Dh isn't along.

Lunch with G'Ma and G'Pa, then transferring stuff from one car to the other and then off again, in opposite directions.
Good-by, family!
I have seriously adorable kids, dontcha' think?!
The house felt empty this a.m. when I got up at my usual 0'dark:30. Having one less adult in the house will make things both more and less.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures haven't been showing up for me on the last several posts (for a week?). *sob*

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Wishing her everything good ! Awesome pics. :-)