Monday, November 19, 2012

I am a Grateful Homeschooler

The theme for this week's Carnival of  Homeschooling is Gratitude. I can get on board with that. Here goes:
1- I am grateful to the Good Lord who gave us the vision to homeschool, who has provided the books and resources and direction to do so, the children to educate, the income and resources to survive financially on one income in a 2-income world and the patience (HAHAHA) to homeschool.

2-I'm grateful that I have children to educate. (Fertility is widely taken for granted, imho). Having gone through seasons in our life where we thought we'd have several less children than we do, we are grateful for a large family, the beautiful people that they are and their joy and passion to learn and grow.

3- I am grateful to be married to a true-blue polymath, who is deeply committed to the ways of God. Dr. Dh has exposed all of us to nuanced and nerdy facts, ideas and ways of thinking. He is willing to be uncomfortable, disliked and make sacrifices to seek wisdom. We are all stronger, more thoughtful, intelligent, Godly people because of that.

4- I am grateful to my parents for giving me a passionate desire to learn, grow and develop. We spent every vacation touring factories, museums and national parks. My parents were homeschoolers at heart and gave each of their children a deep love of learning and literacy, starting with phonics instruction at age 4. Thanks, Dad for giving me the gift of reading. It has been one of my greatest joys.

5- I'm grateful that I live in a country that allows parental freedom and that we can, for now, educate our children in the way we see fit.

6- I'm grateful that I can freely share my faith with my children. If they grow up and don't understand their religious heritage and our belief system it will be through no fault of ours.

6- I'm grateful for all of the learning, education and academic opportunities I've been exposed to as I've homeschooled. I am also grateful to have learned how very much I love to teach. It is a joy and a privilege.

7- I am grateful for the good folks who have fought to make and keep homeschooling legal.

8- I am grateful to all of the good folks who have created resources, curriculum, materials and supplies to make homeschooling do-able, accessible, affordable and fun.

10 - I am grateful to the classical education movement and community for providing a vision of education that extends beyond the person and the place, goes backward and forward in time and challenges me to each and every day.

11- I am grateful to our local homeschooling community. They have been true-blue friends on so many levels.
 We LOVE them!


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Jessica said...

I absolutely love your blog and am happy I found you...perhaps on the Well Trained Mind forums? I haven't begun homeschooling my 3 and 2 year old daughters yet, so I am in complete "absorption" mode. I love to read what you have to say about Memoria Press, as they are a strong contender as my framework for how I want to teach. Thank you for this post and for sharing your wisdom and experiences with those of us who are just embarking on this fearful and wonderful journey with our children. Your reminders of all for which we have to be thankful is poignant and relevant in today's world, and I couldn't agree more.