Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

Best Pre-Dinner Activity: Chinese Checkers. I am slowly, painfully, relinquishing my title as reigning Queen of the Chinese Checkers board to Feeche.

Best Deal of the Day: Free Turkey with a Honey Baked Ham. Good, cause I think I've hit my life-time limit on Turkey.

Best Tip of the Day: Cook the turkey the day before and heat it up the day of  in the crock-pot. Done and brilliant! Frees the oven and saves on T-day mess! Thanks, Jannell!

Best Quote of the Day: "Ya know, if God was going to destroy the world with another flood, the best time to do it would be after Thanksgiving. Everyone (American) would just sink to the bottom." ~ Feeche
Best Picture of the Day: "Don't get between a 12 yo male and his food!

Best food of the Day: Pie. We are pie people: apple, pumpkin and banana cream. Ohlala.

After Dinner Activities included hair cuts all 'round- Cosmetologist KB is heading moving to the hills on Saturday, so every one got one last pro cut in. Falls Park Winter Wonderland drive-through; always beautiful. Calls to the fam. More pie.
Lord of the Rings- Two Towers fest. It was my first time watching it- very fun to view with LOTR aficionados. Watching movies with Dr. Dh is kind of a quick run through on a personalities disorders class. He diagnoses everyone on film. Watching movies with a beautician is just as entertaining. We now have running commentary on who is using what product, what stylists tools and who brow waxes. The beautiful men in LOTR made for many comments and lots of laughs. The final vote is in and while their hair rocks in a greasy, unkempt kinda way, they all need manicures.

How was your Thanksgiving Day?



Mary said...

The food looked wonderful. :) Sounds like your family had a great holiday!

Hen Jen said...

the running commentary on personality disorders and hair/grooming made me laugh- that would be kind of fun! We do a LOTR marathon every Summer and a Pride & Prejudice marathon every Winter :)