Friday, November 30, 2012

Test Time

Decorated Trees this week. We have a couple. A big ole regular tree -found a like new one this year on Craigslist for  1/5 of Menard's price. We are hoping that our allergy suffer-ers don't suffer quite as much with a fake tree as a real. We also have a couple of alpine trees that we decorate by theme - we have a cowboy one (you  have to pronounce it "Cow-boy" with a funky twang like they do on Hildago), and a girly pink and purple one that goes in Flowers room, and a mini-one. All of this in addition to lots of lighted garland atop the window and door trim. And twinkle lights. Gotta have twinkle lights. By the pound.

I have avoided Moby Dick yet again. Time is defiantly running out if I'm really going to read it before the end of the year. Maybe it will be my New Year's Eve reading? The culprit was Field Work. Terrific writing and compelling story. Who knew Dead Heads did the Dead Tour?
There is one point of unbelievability for me, but the whole story centers on that moment. It could have happened the way it was written, but I'm not convinced.

It was a quieter week without KB. Simpler. We miss her, and yet it's a relief to have fewer people to manage, less people to coordinate cars with. Her solution to a life without her parent's cars? See here.

Feeche has been going to a karate studio for several weeks and loving it. He was able to fit in 3 work-outs this week and would gladly ramp that up to 6-7 if he could. I asked him if he felt good after a recent work-out. One word response: Stronger. Says the man child who can do 60 sit-ups in 2 minutes. Booyah.

SAT's tomorrow. Poetry Outloud competition on Thursday to weed out the state goers from those left behind. Lego League state qualifiers next Saturday. Test time!

Did we do school this week? Yes we did. In between dealing with the flu. Saxon is working for the youngers. They continue to memorize Horatius at the Bridge. We continue to read the Bible and Famous Men of Greece. The boys continue to watch GC Physics, and I continue to try to keep up with Feeche's The Divine Comedy reading. We started reading Maybury's WWI out loud together. Writing, math, science, reading, etc. normal stuff.
Last day of co-op for the semester. The choir sang beauitfully and we have extra kids for the night. Fun times.

I'm part of the TOS Review Crew this year so I'm getting up to speed with that. Already I've been checking out a new on-line product. Stay tuned ; )

What's happening in your world this week?


Nicole said...

Welcome to the Crew!!

Redradtech said...

Oh, we have the pink tree too! It's in the man room!

Redradtech said...

Well Victoria and I have done some decorating, made Christmas cards, pure up an advent Calendar, had the stomach bug hmmmmmm. Quite a week