Friday, August 10, 2012

Wind Down/Gear Up

Life of Fred Advanced Algebra
 Math tutoring continues and the time lost during the fire year is almost redeemed.  It’s a sweet deal. Our engineering friend, Sarah, tutors Derek and I “pay” her by bringing her 2 boys home for the afternoon to play. How great is that? They are Lego/Transformer/water/nerf-gun loving kids. Basically, we hit the drive-way and I don’t see the boys till Sarah comes to get them (and she comes to get them!). It’s such a WIN for me; I’m practically giddy about it.
Speaking of Math, we are going to switch programs again (based on Sarah’s recommendation) from LoF. I need upper level math suggestions: Not Saxon, preferably under $50, Trig.
Don’t forget to sign up for the Bismuth Pendant HERE; Film Camp and Creed of Gold DVD HERE. And check out some of my recent articles on homeschooling; Basic Recipe for Homeschool Success, Homeschooling Myth Busters, Co-op Love,  and finally Curriculum Planning for 2012-13.
Front Cover
I finally finished Dorothy L. Sayers: The Centenary Celebration; a compilation of essays by literary greats about one of the greatest; DLS.  The fact that 15 different authors can talk for pages about so many unique and varied things about one person’s writing speaks to what a brilliant author they were.
The Divine Comedy
I’ve been going back and forth on whether Feeche should do a semester study of Dante (using MP) and after reading the above mentioned book (DLS's final work was to translate Dante), we’re going to do it.

Lego League is under-way and the kids are gathering research and have voted on a T-shirt. This year's challenge is "Senior Solutions." If you know a Senior and they have a problem to be solved, lmk. Also, if you are in the area, stop by Pizza Ranch on 41rst on Monday nite! Our team will be busing tables in return for a percentage of the profits!
Come out and support future STEM nerds : )!
Speaking  of which, major kudos to JPL and team for the landing of Curiosity! WOOT!
Loved watching this!
I take full ownership for literaray nerdom. STEM nerd love comes directly from Dr. Dh. He has infused all of us with a love of scientific inquiry. You know you're in deep when the 9 yo sits down to check NOAA in the morning and actually runs the loops.*6*
Cub and Flower have been deep in to Redwall. Of the 22 novels, he’s read over ½. Feeche is now reading on e to Flower (fun for both) and they have discovered the cartoon series on-line. Good summer fluff.
Horse Camp has been a blast. 9 girls, 2 ½ hours a week, a book/2 weeks (M. Henry selection), creating notebooks together, throw in lunch and swimming, a simple craft. School lite. Lots of fun!


Mama to 4 said...

Nice to meet you - thank you for stopping by and linking up to the Hip Hip Horray Homeschooll Hop! Happy Homeschooling!

Cara said...

Busy indeed! :)

Mary said...

Loved watching coverage of Curiousity! Also, I have been wanting to read some Dorothy Sayers stuff for a while....The Lost Tools of Learning?? I think....

Sparklee said...

I know! Wasn't it AWESOME! We were jumping up and down!

Always happy to meet more science geeks! ;-) Found you on the blog hop, by the way!

amy2blessings said...

It looks awesome:)