Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cause for Celebration

The whole reason for the party. Uncle Kirk and Aunt Rosie have been married 50 years!
Aunt Rosie, Uncle Kirk, thier kids, Craig & Jane, Eric & Mollie and Kristie & Paul and the grandkids.


It turned in to a big "N" family re-union. Faith and Earl's 5 kids + spouses, 12 grandkids + spouses and 28 great-grandkids,
sans 3 grandkids and 4 greats.


The siblings and spouses. Grandpa Bob is the oldest at 80- who really doesn't act or look his age one ioata, Joyce, Bruce, Rosie and Carol- the babay at 12 years younger than Bob. It was really wonderful to see them all; thier relationships with each other are beautiful.

Mom and Dad N, who passed the 50 mile mark almost 3 years ago and are still happy together.

Feeche, Grandpa and Uncle Bruce. Bruce broke his femur just months ago and it's taken a toll on him. Regardless, like a true N-man, he is on his way to Germany to stay with Tante Heidi (Dr. dh's cuz) for a couple of weeks.

The 2nd cousins had a climb-off. Proud to say, Feeche bested them all by several feet.
That's my country boy.
Not to mention the fact that he climbed before he walked and does a rigorous 1-hour a day P.T. routine. 

 Lakeside. All of the water and green was soothing after months of high plains drought.
My babies are not so little naymore, but they are still adorable.

The Fam, sans Miss. R. Since it's my blog can I just say I think my kids are stinkin' cute?

KB with Aunt L. Cutiepatooties.

Nuncle Eil and Fam.

Cub in Aunt Carol's garden. Which deserves a post all by itself... I am suffering serious garden envy.  


G said...

50 years! That is wonderful. What a lot of great family pictures - definitely something to treasure.

Kristen @ TeachingStars said...

Yes, you can say it. Your kids are so stinking cute!!

Hen Jen said...

wonderful! I love big family reunions! Yes, your kids are cute!