Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trivium Studies 2012-13

Why Classical?
(Here's a great overview if you are just getting started, and it's also where I got the great graphic)
It fits children's learning ages and stages
it fits the neuro-psych research (Dr. Dh loves a good research study, and has done his fair share of neuropsych study- he'd know)
It goes broad AND deep
It trains the brain to retain - in other words, it teaches the brain how to learn.
At the end of the day, the kids know what they know, they know what they don't know and they know how to go about aquiring information that they want. This is not true of every educational methodology.

That being said, what are we doing this year that follows the Trivium, especially as we have one student in each stage of the Trivium?

Grammar Stage: Flower- continued poetry memorization. Nature study and scientific inquiry- MP's Bird Study, continued NASA and NOAA exploration with Dad, exposure to language, including Latin and German (MP and RS). Strong history component (as always).

Dialectic Stage: Cub- continued memory work- Horatius at the Bridge. Logic studies- Critical Thinking I and II, Fallacy Detective, Red Herrings. We'll start Traditional Logic next year and do Intro and Intermed. Cub's 9th grade year. Scientific inquiry with pre-physics, math with text, perplexors and Singapore Story Problems. First and 2nd Form Latin, and a  strong history component.

Rhetoric Stage: Feeche- he'll continue academic studies in Math, Science, History, Lit and participate in Poetry Outloud, a national recitation competition, along with Shakespeare and Drama performances. Continued Latin studies, in addition to German, with a strong history component.

Are you following the Trivium this year? How are you implementing it specifically?

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