Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Snapshot - Hay Now

We've lived on this property off and on for 8 + years (the off part during the initial re-build from the fire). When we moved here, the property had been sorely neglected. There was trash and farm implements everywhere, downed trees, dying trees, decaying trees, bags of cat litter and one huge 18' uncovered hole full of every kind of imaginable waste- leaking batteries and clothes and toys and kitchen trash and disugting whoknowswhat; rolls of barbed wire, downed barb wire, leg slicing barbed wire in the corners of the fields and in the middle of the fields and underneath where we were walking in the yard. There were weeds and varmits everywhere. We have cleaned and hauled and seeded and mowed and taken to the dump and chopped down and chopped up trees and mowed down weeds and prayed over the whole mess for over half a decade. It looks a whole lot better, and now that the pastures full of wormwood are gone, it smells better, too.
 Last week our county neighbor  Stan came and hayed 4 pastures. He also found a buyer right away and the hay is already at it's new home. From trash to treasure.
Small thing.  Huge victory.

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