Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Snapshot #8- Summer School

On Mondays we have a full house. I'm teaching a horse unit study to a group of 3rd/4th grade girlies, loosely following Beautiful Feet's Guide to the History of the Horse. It's  been a blast. The kids read through a Margarite Henry book during the week and then on Mondays we go over geography, literature, horse breeds and information, and drawing. Siblings and Moms come and chat and play and at some point Enak and the boys go study Latin, picking up where they left off in the spring (I love having smart friends ; )! Then the kids all swim and eat and the Mom's chat and usually longer play dates or sleep-overs are arranged. And, of course, books and ideas are shared. Enak brought over a whole bag of Dorothy Sayers books yesterday - happy, happy sigh. (I have committed to not start one more until I make ti through 5 Red Herrings. I will finish it, if only to say that I did!- did I mention I love having smart and generous friends?).

Yesterday we had 17 kids in the pool at one time with lots of splishing and splashing and uproarious laughter. Some of the quieter kids got out and made leather badges and bracelets or wandered about the yard playing with the cats and watching the Guinea Fowl (our latest acquisition -post worthy in and of themselves).

Last night we had a few extra kids spend the night and the girls were in the water until 8 p.m. I think the only reason they got out at the point was the promise of food. And now it's morning, they ate a bit and slept, only because I told them they could get up as early as they wanted, and they have jumped back in again.

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