Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blogger Limbo-Land

I am in blogger limbo-land. My inability to post links or pictures is really bumming me out, I've looked at a couple of different options. Hiring someone to create a new blog and archive this one- (way out of my techno-league), starting a new blog, hobbling along with this blog.

I don't like the idea of hobbling. Not posting pictures on my blog is like not being able to use my hands when I talk. I don't think I could do it. Or I would end up doing the equivalent of a blog stutter. Or not post much at all (hence the last couple of weeks).

The hiring someone for my little hobby is vaguely on the scope. Very vaguely. As in fading now.

So, a new blog. I've been over to WordPress, cause it seems like that's where everyone eventually goes. I worked on a WordPress blog last year when I was a regular writer for another blog and I just, well, like Blogger. Is that o.k.? Would you follow me over to another blog site?
And I have to figure it out quickly because I have these Amazing reviews/give-aways lined up.

Any suggestions, tips, ideas?


Luke said...

I like Blogger. I still use it for all my personal/hobby blogs. But, it's true, for Sonlight's blog, we moved to Wordpress so we could host it on our own server... but that's more technical.

I have been able to upload pictures and such to my Blogger blogs. Are you getting any errors? Or is it simply not working? Have you checked out their help documentation (I realize it's not always all that helpful, but something may click)?


Robin McCormack said...

Will follow where ever you decide to go. Did the problem start when blogger switched over to their new look? I haven't had any issues. Maybe some setting got changed. I imagine you've tried everything at this point to fix the issue - clearing your cache, opening in a different browser. Did you switch security software and it's blocking something.

Redradtech said...

Just let me know when you go. I will follow you

Laura Fletcher said...

I don't have any suggestions blog-wise, since I know nothing of that. But yes, I would follow you! I love your blog, it is wonderful to see someone putting the ideas I have about homeschooling into real life!! And I love your book reviews....I just started my first Dorothy Sayers book! =)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I'm a Wordpress person and always have been. However, I am NOT tech savvy, I would most definitely follow you wherever you end up!