Thursday, June 14, 2012

Days Flying By

Since my last post the high schoolers have performed their musical. One hour of terrific awesomeness!! Have I mentioned before how all of these dramatic opportunities have grown out of a backyard drama camp?
The high schoolers had their annual "Golden Spatula" cook-off with winners in main, sides, salads and dessert, complete with Ultimate Frisbee and Pool Party.
I started the Horse Unit study with the 3-4th grade girls. We went way fast through a ton of material. Gotta slow it down and do a couple crafts while we are at it.
Our commuter car broke down- cause we haven't spent enough money on cars this spring.
I gave away yarn to my crocheting fool friend who has been crazy busy crocheting blankets and other beautiful things.
I read Susan Howatch's High Flyer. I did not like it. Not one little bit. 400+ pages of non edifying mumbo jumbo. In the style of Frank Peretti but with more decadence, too much explaining, instead of showing, unbelievable characters and not enough true redemption at the end to make it worthwhile.
Am currently reading Busman's Honeymoon by Sayers. Peter and Harriet are married and mystery solving. Sigh.
My crate stairs haven't been touched, other than by feet for over a week.
My sign post endeavor hasn't either.
Cub has been reading The Sugar Creek Gang and loving, loving, loving it.
Flower has been reading the Mother West Wind series and loving, loving, loving it.
We found a toddler coon. Feeche put him in a box and brought him to the porch. He was darling. The vet said he probably has rabies. Feeche took him back to the barn, where he climbed up the outside (it's a huge barn!) and deposited himself back in the loft.
Deer in the yard in the daytime- within yards of the dog. The mystery of no-strawberries is solved. Pesky, annoying critters!
The gym has been a blast. One more thing to fit in.
Stay tuned for Memoria Press Core 6 Review!! Woot!!! It's as good irl as it looks in the catalog!

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