Friday, September 30, 2011

Dr. Orchestrated

In my life this week…My life this week was orchestrated by my Doctor. The huge hematoma that developed behind my knee after a fall at the park, 2 days before I played slip-n-slide in the polyurethane, morphed into something ugly. The pain, fever and swelling in my leg ended up being a blood clot. Oy vey. Another week of sitting (flashbacks to March) with my leg elevated. The very good news is that the pain is dissipating and the swelling is going down. So much for my drywalling projects. 

My mantra for the week. I am patient. I am patient. I am patient. I am. Really.
By the books: Cub started Henty's The Dragon and the Raven, while Feeche is reading Lawhead's The Warlords of Nin to him and the City of God for history. Flower and I are still making our way through On The Banks of Plum Creek. I also read Camilla by L'Engle and started A Circle of Quiet as well as The Art and Craft of Story Telling. L'Engle is not my favorite word-crafter but she is one of my favorite idea crafters.  
In our homeschool this week…We are getting Latin done. I am loving First Form. Feeche and I were talking about it and both agreed that it's been the most approachable program we've tried (Latin  for Dummies as it were). He is cruising through after several false starts with other program with the hope to get to 2nd Form before the end of the year. Flower is working through LC I and it is challenging. I am still loving R & S grammar. Cub started LoF Decimals. It was a rough start. We are finally getting into a routine now that Feeche is home again.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share....Steward this opportunity and time. If you are homeschooling, you are an educator. Take your job and your students seriously. Get trained, get read up, get educated and do the best job that you can.

I am inspired by…This week, to be honest, I was greatly discouraged to the point of frustrated tears.  Having another week of prescribed sitting is not my idea of fun, inspiration or excitement. KB wrote on our kitchen chalkboard before she left one morning,
 "Do not be discouraged nor be dismayed
 for the Lord your God is with you."

I am inspired by this. It gives me courage. The Master of the Universe is on my side.
Places we’re going …To the theater (said with a quasi-British accent like on White Christmas during the modern dance scene)
 It opens TODAY. KB and I saw an advanced showing last week. We loved it. We're going as a family tonight. The Kendrick Bros. just keep getting better and better. The humor in Courageous is touching, witty and lol funny. The plot line believable. The evangelistic message true but not preachy.

Things I’m working on…an article on Sukkot for HSV to be published this coming Tuesday. Other articles for Heart of the Matter on line and a couple of guest blog spots.
A Picture/Quote and Link to share....isn't this beautiful?! For more lovely signs, check out My *PINK* Life

How was your week? What did you get done? What inspired you?

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Mizzreviewlady said...

I am now following you from the hop and would love a follow back over at
Thanks! :)

Robyn said...

We are enjoying First Form Latin too. After three years of Latin for Children, the format of FFL is so clear and easy to use.

Melanie Ski said...

Found you on the Friday Bunny Hop. I too homeschool, and have 6 kiddo's. It is great to read about your adventures. I review Christian books on my blog.
Hope you will come and check it out.

Conner Academy said...

Sorry to hear about your blood clot. I hope you're up on your feet soon.

Karen said...

Oh - sorry you're stuck. You need to rest and get better then get that drywalling done before it gets cold - that drywall mud is even worse cold.

Your kids are terrific and growing very wise. Good job.

Sonshine Classical Academy said...

It seems that we are in a similar predicament. I'm so sorry for your situation. I'll be praying for you!