Sunday, October 2, 2011

Small World

We went out to dinner Friday evening after seeing Courageous as a family. It is just as good the 2nd time around! Feeche and I ordered fish, which reminded me of summer days at my grandparent's cottage. Fried fish for breakfast, caught fresh, and apple pie with milk. Breakfast of champions Germans, yeah, baby. Magical and delicious!
The cottage was on Lake Winona in Indiana, about 1000 miles from where we were dining. KB starts looking at the pictures on the wall and notices that the wall is a tribute to the military. The bottom picture is of a military camp. Guess where...Lake Winona, Indiana.

I loved that place. I loved the cottage; my grandparents, the lake, my aunts and uncles. Croquet on the lawn that was so green is was dazzling. Board games at night. Aunts and Uncles whose eyes shone when they looked at you because you were their tribe, their people, and they loved you that much. Grandparents who didn't say much but made you apple pie and let you eat if for breakfast and took you fishing at 0'dark:30.
Good times. Sweet memories.

A blessed Sabbath.


Redradtech said...

I remember summers at my Grampas camp. We had an out house and took our bath in the lake on Sat night. For years all we had was an indoor pump at the kitchen sink. Eventually he got indoor plumbing and a shower!!! The out house turned into a tool shed. What a life!!!

Hen Jen said...

great memories :)