Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Floor Love

My buff husband spent the weekend dancing with an android name Lupe a floor sander while KB, Feeche and I wrestled the turbo, 30 lb corner sander, teeny tiny square sander and vacuum cleaners. $30 worth of masks later, our 2nd floor looks be.a.utiful and is almost ready for it's first coat of polyurethane. The stairs are running a close second but need some strong arm convincing tlc in order to comply with our master plan to restore them to their original beauty. I hope to post before and after pics soon but keep running into time constraints. School has officially started, too and dh is back to his regularly scheduled programing, so don't hold your breath. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with the stunning image of what I looked like for the majority of the week-end.


Chucki said...

Love it! Can't wait to see the floors.

Redradtech said...

You look marvelous!!