Monday, September 19, 2011

Release from Floor Purgatory

Last week we found ourselves trapped in floor purgatory. At $90 a coat you'd think the floor would have look incredible in the 4 coats we'd lovingly swathed it in. But, as the 4th coat dried there were some serious discrepancies in sheen and coverage that couldn't be ignored. Viking Man donned his super suit knee pads and sanded again. Then he threw out a new fleece (literally, you apply the poly with a sheep skin) and applied coat #5. It's not perfect. One of the joys of diy,  you know every.single.flaw knowing when to call it done.


Next up, we have more wall repair to do. Mud pies works are becoming my spec-ee-ality. Then we'll texturize walls and ceilings and paint. We are mulling over how we are going to get the hundreds of yards of trim on doors, windows and along the floor. Oh, and we have the tub surround to tile, and lights to install. Dh zapped himself this week-end putting in a lighting housing. He'd killed the switch to the room, but the closet light was connected to the hall...huh? And we realized that the big, beautiful new master bedroom closet has no light. Oy vey. It's all good. Little by little, one travels far (and one gets a house re-built). Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


Anonymous said...

They look really good! I love the darker color.

Mary said...


Unknown said...

Awesome! And I say it definitely qualifies as your craft project for the month. :)