Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tour de Floors

"They say Lucky Jack has spilled so much blood on this ship that she's part relative." (Master and Commander).
Ayup. I think This Old House qualifies for 2nd cousin, at least.

Wanna see our lovely, gorgeous, very fine oak floors, sanded down to the grain and ready for polyurethane? First, a couple of befores:

We got the edges and corners of the stairs pretty darn close. We are still debating and researching what to do with the risers and stair trim but for now the top stair treads are done.

Last year our Dream Team came and sanded for a week. This year we took it a step farther.
Isn't it gorgeous? This wood is almost 90 years old. Aged to perfection.

This pic is for Miss R.- it's the small bedroom, the one that had the deep gouges in the floor- 'member? Gouge B Gone

Next step- remove the dust particles and apply the first coat of poly.

 Our first week of school continues to focus on life skills. My kids are gonna have so many they'll be the best livers I know!

We still have a long way to go (besides the 3 extra coats of poly we need to apply to 800 + square feet of wood); texturizing and painting the ceilings and walls and adding window, door and floor trim. But, the floors felt like a MAJOR accomplishment. What do you think?


RB said...

Girlfriend!!! Those are beautiful floors... wow! So very nice! Congrats!

lydia said...

Floors are SUCH a PAIN! Way to stick with it! They look beautiful.