Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Schedue & The Winner Is...

AND THE WINNER of the CREATIVELY FIT Program and Book Give Away is:
Musical Mary!
Congrats, Mary! Shoot me an email and we'll get the prized to you! 
Thanks to every one for particiapting!

We are on summer schedule. The kids are doing typing, cursive, grammar, math drill, SOTW, poetry, memorization for drama camp (simple), memorization for Shakespeare camp (a bit more challenging, but only Feeche), and math. Why is it that not having an external weekly "due date" makes what we are doing seem so much more relaxed? Math drill, typing and strategy games are on the computer; SOTW & Poetry are on CD, the kids are old enough and know the routine enough on memorization to take responsibility for that themselves. And I continue to learn grammar with them.
Chinese Checkers has figured heavily into our post lunch activity.  

The garden is, for the most part, in the ground. We have a huge patch of strawberries and rhubarb, the grapes are still alive and well pruned thanks for Mr. Woodchuck, the mulberry trees are going to be full up and we planted several more raspberry, blackberry and blueberry bushes and finally, asparagus. Veggies include carrots, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, beans, basil, parsley, eggplant, peppers, squash, cukes, melon.

Swirling Girlie.
Flower has been having a blast these days hanging out in the south field. She has a whole Little House on the Prairie set-up, complete with "well system." KB has been doing some swirling of her own. She is done with the academic portion of the cosmetology program and hit the floor this week. So far she's done cuts, color, manis pedis and facials. She's made great tips, had fantastic feed-back and loves what she's doing! Woohoo.  

The front flower bed. It is full of plants that actually survive the windswept prairie. We've spent hours this week in the yard, moving plants, removing weeds, planting and watering. It's great to be outside. Now, if the wind would just DIE down and the HEAT would arrive. Seriously, I'd like to put away my jacket and socks!

"Bubbles." Another awesome pic by KB. Looking at things from a different perspective. Viking Man has a lull in his schedule before his next on-line class begins. We've spent lots of time brainstorming and reading  and re-thinking some things.
(The above picture is of Lilacs in a vase).

KB and Cub walked to the river, just before the rockin and rolling thunder storm that played all night. They followed Mr. Toad for awhile and brought home a bouquet of wild asparagus for dinner.

Good reads this week have included but are not limited to The Halls of the Dragon King,King Raven series, Dr. Seuss, Richard Scary,  Viking Man has been opening bins from the back of the attic and setting up bookshelves (a step towards actually really, fully moving back in!) and discovering that most of the books we kept are still readable. We continue to find mold on things, and continue to pitch, but the percentage keeps getting lower and lower. All that to say, Flower and Cub have been finding books that they loved 2 years ago and are happy to sit down and read them, even though they are way below their reading level. Maple Hill Farm and Are You My Mother among them.
Career Renegade, along with 4HWW have been challenging and thought provoking.

How'd your week go?


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Hi visiting from the homeschool mothers journal linky. loved the pictures of your garden. We have a few strawberry plants but not many; have to do selected gardening her ein AZ due to the heat! come over and say hello! katie

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Love the photos this week.