Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Season in Full Swing


The weather has been wet, rainy and chilly. It's green out here on the Great, Wide Open Prairie, but not yet warm. There are plants in the garden but they are tentative, bidding their time and waiting for warmth.

Feet in our Family (see picture above):
The bare and dirty (good clean dirt, hence "Feeche").
The bare and polished (hence "Queen" before the KB).
The heavy, hobnailed (think loud and 11).
The zebra striped wild thing (think cutie patootie).
The feet not found (A. Think "Gone Adventuring" -that would be our oldest and
B. Gone to get the camera (that would be Me).
The practical ready for anything (think manly Husband type).

Reading Silesian Station by David Downing. An American journalist who happens to be a Communist and expat in Germany becomes an agent, make that double, triple agent, just before WWII; Alice in Wonderland surreal. He portrays the calm before the storm, the bizarre alliance between Hitler and Stalin and the "normalcy" of life, despite the rampant thugism (made that up myself) right before the war.

School this week consisted of Grammar (R & S all around). Typing Tutor, 1/4 Mile Math, Chem for Feeche, Poetry, SOTW, Lego League, lots of walks & jogs, romping through fields, and good long reads. Flower would like summer to consist of one long sleep-over with friends.

Watched The Importance of Being Earnest this week. The kids did this play for the Festival of One Acts 2 years ago, adapted by my talented and amazing friend, Michelle. The movie is funny and captures dry Brit wit extraordinarily. An all star cast, including Judith Dench and Colin Firth. (fwiw: I was a bit shocked at a brief moment of inappropriate anatomy being displayed).  

The animation and artwork were amazing. The story a combo of history, folk lore and myth. Think of it as a re-telling of Beowulf. Fascinating. (disclaimer: Flower was distraught over how a "dark" place was displayed so use caution if you have young or sensitive children).

Also, The King's Speech. Loved it (who didn't). Because of the swearing we had the notsolittles bow out.
Loved it (did I say that already?)

The Saturday Special at HSV this week will be "How to Prepare Your Kids for Survival." I've listed 7 "Survival Skills" our kids will need to compete globally. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

KB hit the floor last week at school and has been doing cuts, color, manis, pedis, and facials with gusto. She is loving it.

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ViolinMama said...

Fantastic ideas shared this week. I'm new to this link and LOVE all the great blogs I am finding, and the inspiration is fantastic too. Thank you!!