Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Reading 2 separate books on management (one home, one biz) and they both say the same thing: BATCH.

In other words, set-up time costs the same amount if you do a run of 1 or 10. So, cook and shop once a month instead of nightly;  check email once or twice a day instead of every 10 minutes, etc. This is why birthing multiples is much more efficient than just having kids one at a time.

I'm considering what we batch and what we could batch that we don't. How would this apply to homeschooling?

What do you "batch?"


Jesse, said...

See...birthing multiples might be easier, but I'm not sure I'd feel that way at 3a.m. feedings! ;-) There is so much truth to this though. I'm reading Organized Simplicty, Steady Days and A Mother's Rule for Life. I'm inspired all over again for simple, less clutter and more beauty!

Hen Jen said...

I'm the antithesis of efficient, so I really don't batch anything, but I know I should. I do know my week is better and I spend less, use less gas and waste less time if I only go grocery shopping once a week..but I end up going every couple of days..bad.
something needs to change around here!

Cari said...

I do 1x/month shopping, I try to have the kids' piano, gymnastics lessons on the same day as any classes they are taking at our charter homeschool and I do any errands on that day because we are already out of the house. I would LOVE to do 1x/month cooking but haven't figured that schedule out yet.