Sunday, May 1, 2011

Against All Odds

Against All Odd: Israel Survivors, Miraculous True Stories.

This flick focuses on events/people of the last century who helped Israel become a nation. Highlighted are amazing stories that are not readily explained by natural phenomenon. It is told from the view of a reporter, and includes historical re-enactments, interviews, and eye witness accounts. These stories are inspiring, encouraging and thought provoking, with little known history (little known to me at least!) thrown in as a bonus. The faith of those who sacrificed much for the birth of the nation of Israel is compelling. My dh and I watched it with the notsolittles, who had many questions and comments. My husband and I looked at each other more than once in astonishment.

We watched the first DVD and my only caution is regarding the last vignette. Shula Cohen is a Jewess, living in Beirut and by chance becomes a spy for Israel, becoming a key informant for the fledgling country. She is captured by the Syrians whose gift of mercy could use a little refinement. They do show some scenes of torture and imprisonment, which were disturbing.

The only thing not to like about this film is  the reporters cheesy monologue at the end of the (first) film. This follows Shula Cohen's courageous and self sacrificing story of faith and belief. To hear someone say, "maybe my searching for the miracle is enough" belittles the faith, courage and hope shown by so many as Isreal miraculously becomes a nation once again.

This would be a great addition to a study on the 20th century, WWII, politics, faith.

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