Friday, February 4, 2011

Wrapping UP

This week included lots of academics. Flower has moved on to 3rd grade math workbooks. I picked up 2 more Singapore workbooks, along with a Spectrum math book and she and Cub continue to do "Math Minutes" drills daily, along with multiplication flash-cards. Cub is cruising through Life of Fred fractions and has been doing more than 1 lesson each day, just because he's having fun. At this rate we'll be in the Decimals book before the end of March!

Tutoring Center was cancelled due to cold and the kids did a lot more listening to IEW's Language Acquisition Through Poetry Memorization as well as SOTW Book IV than normal. Cub also read In Search of Honor. We are all big fans of the Jane Seymour version of Scarlet Pimpernel and he was thrilled to recognize many of the main characters. We picked up several eled books on Lewis and Clark at the library as well. We are doing the global, circuitous route of reading through American History this year and are glad for our trusty spine to offer some seblance of order. Flower has also been working on "Proper Manners and Health Habits." by Rod and Staff. It is very simple with sweet pictures, but she is really enjoying it and the whole concept of "Friendly Words" which she made a poster about, has been a great reference point for her and Cubs frequent squabbles (which seem to increase the more we stay indoors, and given the cold this week, that has been a lot!).

Started "Book Thief" this week. NOT what I was expecting, beginning with the narrator. I also checked out the book that the movie "Precious" is based on, Push. I put it down. Not only is the language vile but the abuse is abhorrent. Oy vey. I worked with emotionally abused girls in OH, IN and CT, most of whom had been abused and have worked as a therapist for a bit. I'm not unaware of the wrong and horrible things done to children. But this. Evil, and fully described.

Watched Inception this week. An on-line friend is considering creating a logic class based on the movie. What came to mind for me was C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy, (which, after Till We Have Faces, also by Lewis, are my very favorite books), specifically, That Hideous Strength. When we work at altering reality, saying that fantasy is reality (like in Avatar), we miss the real thing in front of us, be that our calling, children or the lost. The internal compass that points true north, the "eternity set in each of our hearts" becomes dulled and deadened. Fantasy and reality become blurred and we're now talking to our dreams, relating to them meaningfully. A great look at Post-modernism and meanings re-defined.
Did you like the movie? What were your thoughts about it?

I went to a Writer's workshop last Saturday. Fun and interesting stuff. I feel like I have been shown a path that I knew was there but wasn't sure how to get to. Do you ever feel that way? In what instance?



And cold. Enough with the old already!
(and Gram in Chicago is just fine. Thanks for asking! = )

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Karen said...

Terrific week. My son loved Inception and watched it three or four times before he realized that he prefers reality to a self-centered world of dreams.

Hope you warm up.

Faith said...

Nice week!

What do you think of the IEW poetry memorization program? Too much, just right? I want something that is fun!

Till We have Faces is one of my all time favorite books!

I haven't seen Inception but my 12 yo is insisting that I do.

Deanna said...

#1-One of the joys of hs'ing for me is being able to move the girls from one level to another half-way through a year-or whenever they finish. No stagnation necessary when you homeschool.
#4 metal note: I need to see Inception
#7 Is that sign really in your area?
too funny/or sad, depending ;)

Betty Marie said...

I absolutely LOVE the Jane Seymour version of The Scarlet Pimpernel. One of my top 3 all time favorite movies. I watched it over and over in my teens and early adult years... I loved the actual book, too.

Kathryn said...

Haha! Had to laugh (and comment) on that church bill board. :) What can I say, God answers prayer!! :)