Monday, February 14, 2011

The Real Thing

Ken and Barbie are reunited and Barbies FB page status changed this a.m. to "in a relationship."
I, for one, am relieved.

REAL LOVE, however, compared to the fake, be that Barbie's or our own, making professions of faith when it's honestly about our own happy feelings more than anything else, is a mysterious thing. I'm shallow- have I mentioned that before? And, honestly, on the rare occaisions when I go to WalMart I look around and think, "Christ died for these people? For me?" We just don't all look that good, if you know what I mean.

But I've been loved enough to know that True Love is not just a noun, a flim-flam idea, but a Real Thing. It sees me when I'm most  uglified and still believes in the art that's been buried deep within.  It's fresh and healing and transformational; living water. It transports me beyond my shallowness and gives me eyes to see and ears to hear something bigger, more beautiful and far beyond myself.  It cleans off the mud and stench and allows the eternal to shine forth.

Whatever your status, I hope that True Love finds you this day and that your thirst for the real thing is quenched. That the hurts and heartaches and uglification of this world is washed away and the ART IN YOU  shines forth  for all to see.

 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.
 1 Chronicles 16:34

Happy Valentine's Day!


melanie said...

I loved this post! This was the first blog in my reader this morning, and I just wanted to tell you thank you for posting it! It blessed me!

And giggle @ Barbie and Ken!

Deanna said...

Happy Valentines Day.

Tina said...

Like, WOW! I'm so happy Barbie and Ken are on again!

Great post :)

Hen Jen said...

lovely post, just wow.