Friday, February 11, 2011


Abby Johnson was a Planned Parenthood Clinic Director, having worked in the organization for 8 years. One day she was invited to participated in an ultra sound guided abortion and changed sides, literally and figuratively, within the matter of minutes. Her memoir of going from Pro-Abortion to Pro-life is real and insightful. Johnson writes well about self-deception, justification, denial and her own abortions.
She also writes well about propaganda, the Bottom Line Focus (money, money, money) of Planned Parenthood and her earth shattering revelation that the life she assisted in aborting was viable, hurting, and murdered.

The Power of Words. Semantics. Talking Points.

Fetus vs. Baby.
Problem vs. Blessing
Liability vs. Legacy
Life vs. Death

Zusak writes in The Book Thief, " Yes, the Furher decided that he would rule the world with words. "I will never fire a gun," he devised, "I will not have to." Still he was not rash, lets allow at least for that much. He was not a stupid man at all. His first plan of attack was to plant the words in as many areas of his homeland as he could.
He planted them day and night, and he cultivated them. He watched them grow until eventually great forests of words had risen throughout was a nation of formed thought."

A nation of formed thought. Passive aquiesence. Propoganda and the media have been good and powerful friends for a long time. Johnson's memoir underscores the just what an important part propoganda plays in the Planned Parenthood agenda.

UnPlanned is ultimately a story of Redemption, of God's deep and abiding love. And the gratitude of one of His children who listened well. You can read more about Abby here.


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Sounds like a good book. I've seem it around a lot lately on lots of blogs. I LOVED Book Thief, too, when I read it a few years ago.

I clicked over from Semicolon, but I also "know" you from WTM forums, btw.

Daisy said...

Sounds like a great book!

Deanna said...

What a powerful testimony.