Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Called to Walk

It's been a long and dry season- longer even than the fire and the funerals. Back to when I quit a job that I knew had been entrusted to me.
I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that that job had been a God calling. A clear, clarion call. Trumpets sounded in my spirit and I felt part of something exponentially large and eternal; something specific and otherworldly, though I couldn't explain why.
But it ended. Too many agendas and emotions and a certain, specific, all too familiar and difficult challenge that tapped into a heart wound that I thought was no longer there.
So I quit. That wasn't the plan but that was the outcome.

And of late, I've felt that same, wonderful, heaven sent wind - a calling. A call. Smooth and soothing but purposeful and visionary. And I've been invited in. Again.

And I wonder, like I did then, what is so important? It seems so simple. Simplistic; child-like. 
Why does it matter so much? What's the plan?
But this time I know. It doesn't matter if I understand, get it, have a way to explain. I'm called to walk. Understanding is a higher pay grade.
And those detractors? The ones who complain? The bitter and moody, the demanders? They'll be there. Guaranteed. I'm called to walk.

 Keep going. Walking forward. Move ahead.

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wanton hubris said...

Wonderful essay! I love the line "Understanding is a higher pay grade." Better yet is the message. :)