Friday, May 29, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

*1* Hoopla

It's been a month/week of Hoopla. Monday was spent recovering from KB's fun graduation party and packing for Miss. R's 6th trip abroad. She is spending another month in Hungary and Romania, working with a Romanian family that serve as missionaries to the Gypsies, spending a week at the orhpanage she volunteered at 3 years ago, and then a week at a missions conference in Hungary; poor souls have to sleep in a castle!

Chocolate Mousse ala KB
Beat heavy whipping cream (1 c.)with cocoa powder (2 T) and sugar (2T) till soft peaks form. Serve with fresh fruit, pretzels, on cake for true decadence. Wow! We decided it would also be terrific with a spoonful of instant coffee added for a mocha flavor.

Finished off the last of the pesto we froze last summer this week over chicken and noodles.. Viking Man declared that he wants to see lots more stocked before the end of summer! Gotta replant the basil- another turkey casulty.
Took the border rocks from the front garden beds and replaced it with black edging. The beds are smaller and look soo much better. KB transplanted the flowers we had in pots for the party to the front beds. Replaced yet more tomatoes. We have wild turkeys helping themselves to our vegetables!! Viking Man has plans for a fence. We keep adding beds so the area is getting bigger but we are using every square inch.
Feche-boy has discovered Madeline L'Engle and upon finishing "The Swiftly Tilting Planet" has declared that he "loves Madeline L'Engle!" Along with the rest of us!! Treat yourself to one of her books and no doubt you will agree with us!
Started "Climbing Parnassus." It is deep, rich, good, thought provoking. Will not be reading this one fast.
Almost finished with "Foreign to Familiar" by Sarah Lanier. Miss. R read it for a missions class last semester and insisted that I read it. We've lived in OH, IN, CT, CA, NM and now the territories. All vastly different cultures, albeit all in the U.S. The book focuses on the differences between hot and cold climate cultures. The older kids have been reminiscing about NM quite a bit lately. Having spent 14 years in either CA or NM they are really warm climate beings, making their way in a very cold climate culture now.
Did a wee little bit of math this week. KB is zooming through the last couple of lessons in logic and loving them. She is currently reading "The History of Medicine" to Cub and they are enjoying it immensly. He won't let anyone else read science to him- too sweet. Began Miss. Flower on piano today. She decided it was hard- holding one's hands in position, counting and hitting the right notes in the right order- lots to think about!
She is also reading books to me- she has been fascinated lately with our Spanish/English books and she'll read the English and I'll read the Spanish.
Cub is obsessed with Bill Watterson and entertains us with renditions of Calvin and Hobbs. Today he read about 12 strips over breakfast and had us all laughing out loud. Certainly humor should be a school subject, should it not?

Cleaned the study, put books away, sorted stuff to sell, actually dusted. Took all afternoon. Of course, we are all now hanging out in the study more than ever. Viking Man spent time working on lots of honeydews, the upstairs bathroom is no longer a late night slip and slide and my coffee grinder is fixed! 3 cheers for a man with Brains and fix-itabilities!!
*7* Listening
Spent the long trip back from the airport listening to VP tapes on classical ed and writing with Andrew Pudewa. Good stuff. Also listened to several eclectic picks from Miss. R which included folk, gypsy yodelingand Christian. KB and I love Brandon Heath. Miss. R introduced us to Bride and Prejudice produced by Bollywood and we had a blast listening

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Karen said...

Sounds like a wonderful week. I'm going to try the mousse next week. I also have a Calvin & Hobbes fan. I kept all the books from when my oldest read them, and now the middle is enjoying them too.

rednanasteph's place said...

Wow!!! what a week.