Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Personal is Political.

We've heard the argument for years that "Whatever one decides to do in the privacy of their own bedroom is up to them"; "as long as they don't hurt anybody else, it's none of my business"; "homosexuals just want the same rights as everybody else."
Apparently not. They want more rights than anybody else and if it takes stepping on First & Fifth Amendment Rights, that's just fine too. Chuck Colson says it better than I do:

Looks like there is an agenda way beyond just sex with the partner or partners of choice in the privacy of one's bedroom. And given the research that the gay community has done on itself regarding monogamy it's is clear that there is a conscience effort to redefine marriage on more than one level. As I've written before, homosexual partners remain faithful almost never. So the point of a "marriage" ceremony is what?

Sense and Sensibility makes way for Nonsense and Irresponsibility, or more appropriately, the death of meaning.


Sara said...

I'm wondering how many homosexual couples you personally know to say that they almost never stay monogamous. I personally know five homosexual couples and all are in loving, committed, monogamous relationships. Some even have children, biological or by adoption.

Laughing Lioness said...

The two homosexual, "committed" couples that I have known on a personal level are no longer together. In earlier posts I've cited research that homosexuals have done showing that homosexual couples rarley, if ever, remain monogomous. Long-term couple-hood is no guarantee of a monogomous relationship as the research shows; introducing children into the mix doesn't guarantee a monogomous relationship either.