Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KB's Graduation Party!!!


The pictures got totally out of order but blogger is sluggish today and I have other things to do, so bear with me. This is a small display that we made of some of KB's artwork. I wish the clarity was better- she is so talented! We didn't get a picture of the collage that she choose to display- it was "Can You Hear Them Crying" based on the One Act Play about the Holocaust, that she performed in, and won an award for, this past January. The cake. 1/2 white, 1/2 chocolate. Buttercream frosting. Yum. KB and friends....Our first graduate- now a happy full time college woman, multi-lingual part time missionary and world-traveler.

If you know Miss. R (above) you know Miss. Flower (below). On the way to NH to decorate for the party she stated, "This is going to be a GREAT day! We have balloons, cake, yummy food, cards and presents and...(she pauses and her voice trills)...FRIENDS!! Both are petite, full of joy and as sanguine as the day is long....

KB's graduation took place last Sunday at the center where Viking Man does Biblical Counseling. It is a peaceful and wonderful place. The party included friends, though the picture is missing the zillion kids under 16, who spent the majority of the time outside playing and only came in for cake...Embarrassing KB publicly (it's what we do) as we told stories about her and presented her with a diploma...
A couple of displays; a tri-fold sitting on a quilt that she'd made which highlighted much of what she's focused on the past couple of years- nature, politics, drama, travel, artwork, writing. She had several poems out for people to read as well as scrapbooks. Next to the tri-fold we set out several of her art pieces that we'd matted (see above).

We had black table cloths with pink napkins, forks and lemon-aide along with potted pink pansies and a little white flower whose name escapes me as centerpieces. We also had cut purple iris' and lilacs everywhere we could find a spot. It smelled like a garden.

The lovely graduate!
Well done KB!! We love you!!

Only 3 to go. Here is the goofy 14 yo who will be our next to graduate!

There are no pictures of Cub because he spent the entire time outside with friends. He had a blast and totally appreciated KB's party = ).
I feel like the mom at the end of Pride & Prejudice (the Colin Firth version, of course) where she states, "3 dd's married, Mr. Bennett, God has been very good." Though, of course, we haven't even gotten to the marriage stage yet. (Miss. R & I decided we're giving KB a "surprise wedding"- she is a true introvert!) Though it's "only" another graduation, we can say that indeed, God has been VERY good.


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That all brought tears to my eyes. Oh by the way, my boys said your daughter is hot! heehee I have never heard them say that before!!!

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Congratulations, KB! Praying God's richest blessings on your future endeavors.

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