Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lots Wife and Rural Living

Read a thread this week of a homeschooling mom who is dissatisfied with where she lives: in the heart of the inner city complete with burglaries, break-ins, shootings and police helicopters. We used to live where she lived (literally) and I couldn't wait to move- especially with kids. Mainly for all of the reasons she listed- safety, noise, pollution, cost, crime, gang activity and on and on.
We now live about as far from the above mentioned locale as possible. We live rural. We are out of town in a rural out of the way state. And I often find myself wishing that we lived somewhere more...

So, this week I was having an argument with God. Not really a discussion. I was basically listing my grievances, my disappointments, my frustrations, in a not-so-pleasant, dissatisfied manner. Why.Why.Why. Why not?WhyNot?WhyNot?HowCome?HowCome?HowCome? argh. Dissatisfaction to the point of wanting to spit. So it came down to this. I said, "I want to move to a bigger city. More opportunities for the kids, more job possibilities, more things to do." And in the midst of all of that, I had a revelation. Maybe how I was feeling was how Lot's wife was feeling. Out there looking at sheep heineys all the live long day, maybe she just wanted to be closer to town so that her kids could participate in the local soccer club, or maybe she just wanted to meet friends at the local Java Hut once a week, ya know? I believe God was saying, "So, you want to move to the big city?....Lot's wife did too." It wasn't a big ugly rebuke but it did give me pause. And a renewed sense that God has us where we're supposed to be. God is training us where we're at. He's got us covered. Sheep heineys and all.

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rednanasteph's place said...

WE all have our preferences in life. God's plan doesn't always suit our preferences. That happened when we moved to New Mexico. I was a city girl. Once I moved back to the city, I was much happier. Still have problems, but happier heehee

Be content with such things as ye have!