Thursday, March 12, 2009

WR: Working Hard.

This week we hit memory work hard.
VP cards. We are done with the stack of 160 again. We'll be spending time reviewing regularly and we'll start the president's on Monday.
Bible- we've done John 1 in English and Latin, Psalm 23 and are working on Ecc 3:1-8
Geography- United States. We are (slowly) working through the Logos U.S. sound-off. Our faithful co-op Geo Queen Miss Teresa is on the ball this year, but sadly, I am not. We'll be working on this way past the end of co-op.
Grammar Catechism- still loving it! Feche-boy mentioned again that Latin is so much easier knowing all that we are learning.
Shurley Jingles- our faithful co-op Grammar Queen Miss. Lori is doing a fantab job of making up grammar worksheets. The kids LOVE the jingles- far more than the grammar CD.
Latin sayings-I'm odd, as are my kiddos and we LOVE Latin sayings. They are just too fun.
History sentences-CC. Sing the song mate.
Math-skip counting, squares, cubes, measurement.
Latin- declensions, conjugations and vocab.

LC II Latin and Traditional Logic moving along. Both taking TIME...
Christian Studies II- 1/2 way done. I haven't spent as much time on the geo as they suggest but I want to finish III by mid-May, so we are over viewing geography.
Math- Viking Man continues to Tutor and the kids continue to move through the text - Praise God.
IEW-Medieval and Progymnasta. KB is working hard on her writing assignments. They are challenging.
Shakespeare for co-op. It's the Logos study but I'm going to add some of the activities from Omnibus II (they have studies of both Macbeth and Midsummer's Night's Dream -see previous post).
Omnibus II- Feche-boy is almost done with The Ecclesiastical History by Bede. We are moving along slowly but he knows it. Multum non multa!
AlphaPhonics- lesson 117. Flower can read far more than she knows!
Horizons Math- Cub is almost done with 2B.
Grammar- Cub is loving the worksheets that Miss. Lori puts together.

Cub is going to be reading for 45 min. a day again beginning next week. I haven't been on top of history with him and he has too much free time. We're also going to be adding in Prima Latina again. Too much time off from both.
Viking Man and I discussed creating weekly check-off sheets for the kids. I am a plan big and the details follow the plan kinda gal. Several of my kids demand far more structure than that or they start, as Flower aptly puts it, "crumpling." So, against my nature I am going to make check off sheets this week-end and work folders.

On top of it all, the house stayed mainly clean and neat this week- my little "big" win.

KB and I are going to plan the garden and order seeds asap. I. Can.Not.Wait. Spring and gardening and flowers blooming and swinging the kids and reading outside and playing at the bridge. Bring it on!


Paige said...

Looks like you guys are making great progress. I love it when the house stays clean too!

Wee Pip said...

Productive week! I'm ready for spring, too:)