Thursday, March 5, 2009

WR: Regroup

It was a re-group week. I had a killer sore throat on Monday and spent the day in bed.
Tuesday we did some school, phonics, memory work, math. I was still worn out and we didn't get a whole lot done. KB did dramatic readings of 2 Shakespeare stories. The kids loved it but I am totally in the dark for co-op on Friday. My evil plan is to have KB led class.
Wednesday and Thursday the older kids did Logic and Latin as well as Math with Dad.
I read stories to the notsolittles- actually we are reading "The Littles." Flower wishes they were real. Cub read the whole series last summer but is really enjoying hearing them again. He's read all of the AG books in the past couple of weeks and his conclusion was that "they are pretty sappy but the history in the back of the books is good." He continues to spend lots of time reading the Kingfisher Encyclopedia and poking on his math pages.
We finished up the second section on book II in Christian Studies. It always amazes me that no matter how many times I've read the stories, there are always details that I've missed. The kids picked up a detail on the map that MP left out.
KB is reconsidering her plans for the fall given the insightful comments of some older friends. Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the stress of launching adult children? So far, 2-4-2 I think that this developmental stage is the most taxing-so many possibilities, desires, hopes and how to get them all done in one lifetime with the resources available?
Thursday we cleaned and tied up loose ends. All of the "thank-yous" for TP are written, the eval in emailed, lots of follow-up calls and time on the phone with parents. Take-away for everyone: it was a GREAT week last week in Pierre.

Viking Man is going to testify before the Senate on a bill on Monday. He is feeling particularly hammered with work lately and committing a day to drive, prepare and be "on" is a true sacrifice, especially given that he'll still put in a full day of work in the afternoon. If you live in SD don't forget to call you senators and let them know that you are AGAINST SB191!!

Next Tuesday a new homeschooling mom is going to come over to find out more about homeschooling, curriculum and household management. Maybe I'll dress the kids up in dresses and button downs, braid their hair and have them sitting neatly at a clean dining room table doing school-HAHAHAHA! I don't think I could pay them enough. They've come in 2 days in a row now full of mud and crisp air from romps through the fields. We've had a heat wave and they have been out in it, soaking up the hope of spring. It's a toss up between the 4 of them and the 2 dogs as to who has dragged in more mud.

How was your week? Did you get a lot done?


Wee Pip said...

I had that killer sore throat, too - awful! LOL about inviting the new homeschooler over and dressing up the kids:) Great week, despite the illness!

Rhonda said...

Sorry you've been sick! I've head a terrible head cold this week (is there any other kind) but we've managed to get school done.
I laughed when you wrote about dressing the kids up, braiding their hair, etc. Lol.
It looks like you've had a great week-as usual. :)
I've missed visiting with you on your blog. My computer has not been cooperative for the past few weeks and it has been frustrating!
I hope you guys have a great week-end.