Friday, March 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

My brain has been full up with thoughts about the books I've been reading (see previous posts this week). The Promise is every bit as brilliant as The Chosen, both by Chaim Potok. My next read of his is scheduled for this week-end; My name is Asher Lev. Have I ever mentioned that I'm the theme queen? Give me a color, style, author and I'm all over it. Fav authors: C.S. Lewis, F.Rivers, T.Dekker, S.Lawhead, and so many children's authors I can't even begin to name them all, but come on over and we can go through my bookshelves together, cause next to reading great books, I love to talk about them and turn others on to them. It's not an addiction, really.
Discovered a phrase that felt so right in how it summed up our lives (quoting Potok from The Promise): "the tiny, twilight in-between life we've carved out for ourselves." I could list all of the oxymoron's that our lives consist of, but what's the point? We just simply "don't fit in" anywhere.
School this week consisted of memory work, Bible, Math, Writing, Latin, Logic, Shakespeare and SexEd (see #7). Frankly, spring feve hit pretty hard. We had some odd nights of going to bed way too late. It was o.k. I read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and realized that we aren't doing enough just for fun stuff.
I am taking KB and Feche-boy and a couple of other high schoolers to a Leadership Institute training program this week-end. Thanks to our friends at TeenPact the week-end is paid for. We are looking forward to seeing friends from WI, learning a lot, meeting an Iowa Senator, being challenged, clarifying the vision.
Bought "Wee Sing" America tonight. We had such a fun time listening to the songs and quotes in the car on the way home. Our children's pastor in NM used to direct the kids in 3 plays a year. One of them was a tribute to America and had over 50 kids in it. We made costumes and sets and the kids loved it. So many of the songs were familiar, the notsolittles knew many of the quotes, and surprisingly many of the songs. Why is folk music so comforting? Food for the soul. I bought it for the notsolittles so they'd have something new and fun while we're gone but KB wants to sneak it along with us and jam to "I've Been Working on the RailRoad" and "Big John Henry Died with a Hammer in His Hand!"
True confessions, I also bought the notsolittles another VeggieTales. I had a coupon and a full customer card so it cost me some change. They were both beaming. Did I mention we're themers? Ask any of us to quote any Veggie Tale and we can do it, songs, voices, scenes. Hey, what could be healthier than a bunch of Veggies?
Viking Man and the boys have been listening to Dave Ramsey together. They drove home together and Viking Man greeted me with one of three "non-sexual hugs a day" that Ramsey suggests. You know that Dr. Viking Man makes our bread and butter counseling and he was chortling the entire time. Cub looked on with interest and then, just to clarify, asked what "non-sexual" meant. You should have seen his sincere, angelic face as he posed his query. Bright blue eyes, blond hair, the picture of innocence. Snort. Flower chimes in with some words of wisdom, which are probably best left out of this post. Suffice it to say that anyone who thinks homeschoolers don't get sex-ed in their curriculum needs to come chat with our kids!!


Merry said...

Wow, what great week!
Karen aka Testimony

Rhonda said...

Sounds like a wonderful week.
Spring fever has hit us too but is has rained the last three days so we've got a lot done. :)
I remember Mrs. Piggle Wiggle-such a cute book.
Off topic- I like your new profile picture!!
I hope you have a great week-end.

Our Westmoreland School said...

LOL, what does non-sexual mean?

Homeschooler sex-ed...

oh, I'm roflmbo

Sara said...

When I was in college, one of my favorite profs did a one-off class on Chaim Potok and J.D. Salinger. We read all (four) of Salinger's (short) books and four of Potok's. (Promise, Chosen, Asher Lev, and choose one of the others.) It was a great class. They're both exceptional authors, but with very different styles. Both writing about exceptional protagonists and wrestling with faith questions, but coming out with very different answers. If you're into themes, you might be interested to pick up Salinger once you've polished off Potok. :) (Catcher in the Rye is easily the weakest of his works, imho.)

Karen said...

Sounds like you had a great week, and I'm glad you had Mrs. Piggle Wiggle in there too.

Redradtech said...

I remember that Tribute to America. The kids loved it. Back when they were innocent and I was naive!! How precious those times were. We miss you. Still watching for air fares. I am coming!!!!!