Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Perfect Day; Latin, Friends & Children and a Good Book

I listened to a Veritas Press tape on teaching grammar stage Latin yesterday. I was getting so excited about the progress that we'd (read I) had been making and was seeing that yes, it is doable. I/We can learn it. We are making progress. My perfectionism kicked in and I began doubting. There are still resources we need to buy, time and discipline to invest in the study of. I got over myself and went to buy poster-board. I am going to make chant-charts and we are going to incorporate some of the chants. We are also going to learn simple things; the colors, animal names, etc. Cub is always frustrated that he doesn't already "know" and I found myself struggling with that yesterday. It is o.k. and natural for things to take time.

Yesterday we met some friends at the Science Center for the Ag Expo, ate a free lunch, spent hours at the Science Center and came home to almost 70 degree weather. Viking Man and Feche boy went on a walk and saw 2 beavers, 2 muskrats in the river and a wounded gull in the field. We ate a lovely meal, including strawberry salad! around the table, the house was clean, the doors open, the weather beautiful, everyone healthy. Loveliness. And then I read a book = ). Did I mention perfection?

My new fav author, Chaim Potok has me completely mesmerized by The Promise. I will be done with it soon and eager to share. As a Marriage & Family Therapist, it is fascinating to read about the advent of schizophrenic treatment, which is what the field of Marriage & Family Therapy is founded on. As a conservative Christian, it is fascinating to see how he describes the post War Jewish communities in American after 75% of the European Jews were slaughtered. It is rich. It is deep. It is timely. It expresses for me....I'll wait and write more of that later.

Shabbat Shalom!

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