Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WW: Holiday Happenings

I told the kids to get their feet out of the way so that I could get a pic of our dining room tree with all of our home-made ornaments. I've been adding cards as they arrive. My sister always sends beautiful hand-made ones that truly are like ornaments. Of course, they all stuck their feet INTO the picture!
And one with their smiling faces....

Miss. Flower after the kids Christmas program at church. The decorations are beautiful, as is our girl!

We have 9 foot ceiling's throughout our house. Viking Man is convinced that they are meant to be filled with Christmas tree each year! Our yearly foray to the Christmas tree farm includes a tape measure so that we can get the largest possible tree- isn't it lovely?

Our country porch, all decked out for the season.

More porch decor. Evergreens, baby's breath that we grew this summer and a decoration from my s-i-l's wedding 15 years ago. Time flies!
Some of my mom's china tea-cups. KB added a holiday touch.

This is love. 5 siblings, lots of candy and 1 Ginger-Bread house. Our kids might all end up as professional negotiators. They are all creative, opinionated and darn cute (see picture below) yet we only provided them with 1 house to decorate...(honestly, I don't create situations like this on purpose!), they each took an area....

and went to work. It came out very...unique = ). Hot chocolate and oatmeal butterscotch cookies were also enjoyed! I hope the holiday season is warming your hearts and homes as well!!


Lorna said...

Thanks for sharing all your lovely Christmassy photos, even the feet -too cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the gingerbread house! What great pictures. I'm like Viking Man, I like tall, full trees. We just put ours up on Monday and I just love the smell.

Alathea said...

You cut my feet out of the picture!!!! :-(

I LOVE the front porch decoration and Ginger bread House photos :)