Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm O.K. You're O.k. Even When We're Not.

Crosswalk had an interesting article today on teens who lie, cheat and steal and yet feel good about themselves. Morality 101 secular style.
I have a friend whose upper eled son can barely read. He is functionally illiterate, yet when she tries to coach him and correct him he tells her, "Stop! You are making me feel bad about myself." Education makes way for feeling. Frankly, I would hope that if my kids couldn't read, they'd feel a sense of remorse, feel "bad" - long enough, anyway to get their heiny's in gear and learn. Of course, some kids have more hurdles than others and in those cases coping and compensation skills are needed. I don't count whining about how ya feel as an adequate one, but then they don't call me PaxRoMomma for nothing.

On a message board this week, in response to a question about world religions, many of the respondents stated that they weren't as interested in the "Truth" (capital "T") of what they worshipped as they were in how it made them feel. Frankly, I'd rather know and worship a Living God who by His ruach creates and loves, who is fearsome and Holy than play religion with a dead rock god that is impotent. Truth and honesty over comfort and feel good any day, baby.

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