Friday, December 5, 2008

WR: Loose Ends

This week I focused on loose ends. College Women blows into town on Monday and I'm sure that school as usual won't be.
Christian Studies I: We finished. We plan to start CS II in January, complete that by March and finish out the year with CS III.
ETC 3- Flower is almost finished. She is still hung up on long vowel sounds but we have that lesson in AlphaPhonics on Monday so I'm hoping that that solidifies it for her. Once she's done with ETC 3 we'll wait until Jan to start 4. She's on lesson 70 in AP- I'm so pleased with how well she is doing.
Math -Cub is doing 2 lessons a day in math. What a great switch to go to Horizons. I see how the concepts he learned in Right Start were good but the lack of structure and the intensive hands on was slogging us both down.
Traditional Logic I -we'll be done with this month and start II in January.
KB is 1/2 way through IEW"s Rhetoric so is taking a break until Jan.
Grammar of Poetry -we'll finish this this semester. We are going to start Logos' Shakespeare in January and finish the semester with a play. The kids have done such a great job. Poetry rocks.
IEW's Poetry- we've taken a break with IEW's picks and have been learning holiday poems. This week's pick was "A Christmas Carol" by G.K.Chestertown. It is touching and beautiful. Cub insists it's "Catholic" because Mary is mentioned every stanza and the Christ-child's hair is referred to as "fire" -which he has interpreted as blond. I think we'll do a search on Chesterton- wasn't he Catholic? - it never ceases to amaze me how kids make connections.

Play practice starts today along with a study on WWII. It involves dance as well- we'll all be stretched! Lots of poetry recitation invovled so it fits in really nicely with the Poetry and presentation that we've done as a group this semseter. The littles are in a Christmas presentation at church. The music is lovely and fun.

Seasonal Fun- This Saturday the girls and I are making Christmas paper crafts, and we have several other "Christmasy" things to do this month, a gingerbread house, a trip to the Pettigrew Museum, creating a creche and making cards for deployed soldiers.

We are getting ready for the Winter Warm-Up- our winter retreat for homeschool mom's -it's in February but the details always take several weeks. Former Mrs. SD will be our guest speaker- our theme this year is "Beauty."
TeenPact is in 2 short months and we are going to do a couple of fund raisers. Looks like we are going to have an awesome group this year! If you're in the area and need a rockin' place for your teen to go in February, lmk!

My blogging buddy, Jennifer's Lost, has a terrific blog on halving your stuff. Go visit! You'll be inspired!

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