Monday, December 15, 2008

Animal or God breathed?

Slave traders believed blacks to be animals. Nazis believed Jews to be animals. Atheists consider humans animals driven by animal instincts, destined to live and die by pre-determined factors. If we are evolved animals than there is no need of god. We live out our pre-determined DNA programming, die and become nothing.

All animals die. Does it matter, then by what method we do so? By our own hand, an abortionists, or a violent dictator?
Is the manner in which we live important? What we believe, how we spend our time? If we are simply animals, than those urges which define us should be listened to, followed, cultivated, admired. But then why do we say that Hitler was brutal? Why does Stalin illicit hatred? Why do we cringe at Pol Pot's extermination of 1/5 of the Cambodian population in 4 short years? Weren't they simply following their animal urges to control and dominate lesser animals? Shouldn't we revere these men, rather than decry them? The weak simply died in response to strength, much like a zebra when felled by a lion. Do we rescue the zebra from the lion for it's weakness or do we applaud the lion for it's cunning wit? It's all a matter of preference, of what's sexy or popular or "evolved." Capricious responses to a callous world.
If, however, we are created by the One True Living God, all is changed, whether we acknowledge it or not. Truth is Truth, after all, despite recognition. The Creator declares, "Choose Life." Before you this day is set life or death. Choose Life. This demands a belief in purpose, a belief in destiny, a belief in sovereignty- though perhaps, not our own. Those who have died purposelessly and in response to animalistic brutalit have left behind unfulfilled destinies. Destinies lost.


image of God
born of God's breath
vessel of divine Love
after his likeness
dwelling of God
capacity for the infinite
eternally known
chosen of God
home of the Infinite Majesty
abiding in the Son
called from eternity
life in the Lord
temple of the Holy Spirit
branch of Christ
receptacle of the Most High
wellspring of Living Water
heir of the kingdom
the glory of God
abode of the Trinity.
God sings this litany
eternally in his Word.
This is who you are.

a litany of the person - anonymous trappist monk

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Rhonda said...

That is all so true and very elegantly worded. I always appreciate reading a post like this.
Thank you so much for rejoicing with me over my husbands employment! God is so very good to us.