Saturday, May 16, 2015

Work, School and Dick Van Dyke

Flower had a fun sleep-over with one of her goofy, clay making besties and came home raving about the Dick Van Dyke show. Too funny because the day before Cub and I had watched an episode: The Prank Phone Call. As a result, it's been the week of the Dick Van Dyke show. I miss the writing wit of Firefly, but it did prove too intense for a certain "G" rated girlie who resides here. Dick Van Dyke has obvious gags, but the delivery is perfect and no-one can move as fluidly, even if he was voted worst British accent in the role of Bert.

Geography lovers will want to check out THIS awesome site with great infograhics about 3 different countries- Challenge A peeps, check it out!
Looking for some good summer flicks? Check out this awesome list History Movies for Homeschool

It was re-enroll week at work. My ear is going to fall off due to the phone ringing, ringing, ringing. All good. I love the families that I work with!

Tons of chatter on social media about homeschoolers who work. The number of families who homeschool and have two parents working continues to grow. Check out my blog series:
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Looking for some good summer flicks? Check out this awesome list History Movies for Homeschool
Feeche and Cub have de-fenced and blazed trails. We have rolls of chain link and loops of barbed wire and many, many metal fence posts in the barn as a result. It's so great to have green lines of sight that aren't broken up by rusty, broken down fencing. Loving it! The cats and dog love that we are outside with them. Ursa is continually being taunted by the barn swallows, who I swear have set up a rotational schedule amongst themselves to take turns dive-bombing her.

Summer school has consisted of MUS, FFL, Adv. Bio for Cub and Spelling You See, Mental Math and PreScripts for Flower. Next week we are going to throw in Cycle 1 and 2 Grammar CD's from CC. I'm fun that way. Fall is coming together, which is relief because 2 weeks ago it didn't look so good for Cub. We actually have so many great academic opportunities for Cub that we are going to have to weed some out. A great problem to have!

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