Sunday, May 3, 2015

Convention Time

The weather this week was lovely- spring breezes, doves cooing, pheasants chirruping and bees droning, trees blooming and spring flowers planted. A friend offered free hostas and lilies so Flower and I dug up a pile of plants and brought them back to replenish our still re-covering from the drought front yard. The spirea, crab apple and flowering shrub have been gorgeous and it's just a matter of days before our 20 yard, 1920's lilac shrub flowers. Lilac bushes blooming are one of life's simple pleasures.

Went to the area homeschool convention where Chuck Black was the main speaker. Cub's been a fan of his for years, bought the only two books he doesn't own and had them autographed- from the Dominion series. He reads like me so he's done with one already. Fantastic speaker and author and his wife is completely lovely too! Highly recommended books for kids 8-88!

Saw our friends from Demme publishing at the convention- who you might recognize from my recent Spelling You See review. We're crossing over and not only using their Math You See, but just purchased their Stewardship (personal finance) program as well. 

We didn't buy much else: 2 Usborne books- one on Shakespeare Theater and another Greek Myths, an absolutely beautiful book of Astronomy by CLE, the Jim Weiss abridged CD of For the Temple. 
I have a short list all around for next year, including the History of Science and the History of the Renaissance World, both by Susan Wise Bauer. Cub knocked out the 900 page History of the Ancient World in the first two weeks of his arm break fiasco and was simultaneously repelled and enthralled. More to come, which I know he'll love. 
Anyway, we are still finishing up this year. Cub is almost done with First Form, (finally, again!), and he's stopping for the summer on Chapter 11 of Adv Biology. Math will continue, just for fun. Flower is going to keep doing Spelling, Prescripts, and mental math.. One more chapter till Notgrass American History is finished. Over 900 pages, y'all. They loved it! And maybe grammar charts, but certainly listening to Cycle 1 and 2 Grammar in prep for Challenge A. 

Flower has taken to painting rocks. We certainly have enough of them! Good, clean fun, albeit hard on one's toes under the wrong conditions.

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Stacie said...

We have had gorgeous weather too. We are getting the yard ready so we can plant flowers in the next couple weeks. I would love to get to go to a convention one of these times. Sounds like you got some great things while you were there. My daughter loves to paint rocks as well. I just found some where they shouldn't be so I am going to let her paint them.